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Sobib perepuhkuseks.


1989. aastal ehitatud hotell, üldpindalaga 40 000 m2. 2019.-2020. aastal renoveeriti hotelli peahoone numbritoad, basseiniala, amfiteater, miniklubi, restoran. 2021. aastal vahetati välja hotelli numbritubade tekstiilid(voodipesu, kardinad, käterätikud).

Hotellikompleks koosneb kahest hoonest (3-korruseline ja  5-korruseline hoone):

17 Promo Room   (asuvad esimesel korrusel, ilma vaateta, osad toad prantsuse rõduga, max. 3 + beebi, 24 m2);

159 Hotel Room (max. 3 + beebi, 24 m2);

12 Superior rooms (mаx. 3+1 in., 32 m2);

20 kahetoalist Family room(2 magamistuba, vaheuksega, max. 4 in., 34 m2).

225 Standard room (kõrvalhoones, max. 3 + beebi, 24 m2);


65 km Antalya lennujaamast, 5 km Side linnast, 150 m oma rannast.

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  petang: tasuta
  •  veepolo: tasuta
  •  saun: tasuta
  •  noolemäng: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljaku valgustus: 
  •  elav muusika: tasuta
  •  veesport: 
  •  massaaž: 
  •  türgi saun (hammam): tasuta
  •  aeroobika: tasuta
  •  diskoteek: tasuta
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  rannavõrkpall: tasuta
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljak: tasuta


  •  seif: toas,: tasuta
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: 2 korda nädalas
  •  põrand: laminaat
  •  rõdu voi prantsuse rõdu
  •  televiisor: olemas
  •  dušš
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer: individuaalne
  •  minibaar: tasuta
  •  telefon
  •  tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi,: tasuta


  •  restoranid: 1
  •  baarid: 4
  •  sisebasseinid: 1
  •  basseinid: 3
  •  spaa-keskus
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  A la carte restoranid: 3
  •  veeliumäed: 6
  •  Wi-Fi avalikes kohtades,: tasuta
  •  pesula: 
  •  kauplused


  •  miniklubi
  •  lastebassein: olemas
  •  mänguväljak
  •  minidisko


  •  päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid rannas:: tasuta
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta
  •  rannabaar:: tasuta
  •  oma
  •  liiva-kiviklibune

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  lastetoolid restoranis olemas
  •  lapsevanker:: 


  •  UAI


  •  Hotel Superior Room
  •  Hotel Room Land View
  •  Hotel Room Sea View
  •  Standard Room
  •  Promo Room
  •  Family Room
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Amara Family Resort
Based on 3439 reviews
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Meltem AkçaaalanMeltem Akçaaalan
12:24 03 Jul 24
We were very pleased with the food, pool and sea. We were very pleased with the separate meals and seating area for children. The children's aqua park was very entertaining.
12:19 03 Jul 24
We were very pleased, the slides, the pools are very nice and the food variety is plentiful.
Serpil SankayaSerpil Sankaya
12:16 03 Jul 24
The food is very good, aqua and two pools are great for families with children, they are also taken to the sea by vehicles, we liked it and we will come again.
Paweł KońskiPaweł Koński
12:10 03 Jul 24
I don't understand these negative opinions, I guess it depends on the person, if someone is a bastard... they treat him that way, there is no bar where you can't communicate in English, in fact, there are a lot of Russians, but there are also a lot of Poles, the staff is super helpful, the restaurant is great, everything is fine, alcohol is no problem you want and as much as you want no one regrets anything peace I'm ok I have nothing to complain about (the garden part) it's great for me
It's just some kind of holiday! I recommend to everyone! Delicious, cozy, large area, has everything for a good holiday, polite and friendly staff! Special thanks to the girls working with guests, they explained everything and always help with any questions!
Megi KakabadzeMegi Kakabadze
06:50 26 Jun 24
i lost my jacket.I wrote this comment: "In May 2024, I rested at Amara Family Resort. With the help of the staff, I went diving and as they told me, I would return to the hotel at 12:30 at the latest. (Checkout is at 12:00). In the end, we were returned to the hotel at 17:00. My mom's room was quickly cleared for checkout. In speed, a silver jacket remained in the room. We called the hotel and they told us that they have not noticed anything like this!I know for sure that the item was left in the closet and I demand it back!"They asked me to remove it and return it to me.They didn't return my item, they won't contact me again!
Alina IsacovAlina Isacov
14:12 20 Jun 24
Super hotel, zuu barman really good person, and Mehmet and Alexandra animation super thank to them
19:16 14 Jun 24
We are staying in the hotel for more than a week now (family of three). Once arrived we were given a room in an old building - it was like from a horror movie, rusty refrigerator, bed all in stains, lamps in stains, all i can not even describe. Cleaning consisted only in the change of towels, once the floor was wiped in the room. I constantly had to ask for shampoo and toilet paper at reception, humiliating.The worst thing is that the air conditioner did not work in the room (35-43 degrees outside), we tried to solve this problem for several days, at the reception with a disgruntled look we were promised to sort it out, but nothing was done. We did not sleep well, and were bitten by mosquitoes, because we had to open the windows at night not to suffocate. With great difficulty we were able to change the room to another with extra payment.Otherwise - the food is varied but not tasty, only once there was a tasty fish. I liked the freshly squeezed juice. They do not know how to make cocktails. In the restaurant chaos and mess. I saw an employee with bare hands picking up fallen pasta from the table and putting it in a container with food, from which people then eat. The coffee machines are very dirty.Pools are relatively clean, umbrellas are few, at 8 am all the sunbeds under the umbrellas are already "booked".Next time I would not come even for free.
Nikita SavitskyNikita Savitsky
02:40 13 Jun 24
This is the worst experience I ever had in my travel. Me, my wife and our daughter decided to stay in Amara Family. During our stay air-conditioning in our room stopped working. There is +40 +44 these days in Turkey, it is super hot. You can imagine how does it feel without air-conditioning. I lost the count how many times I discussed it at the reception. "Yes, yes, it will be fixed soon, don't worry". We already spent two nights like that so far, and it is not vacation, it is survival. The hotel says they have ONE and ONLY room as alternative, but it is not for family, so it is like that: one of you sleep on the floor or all of you sleep in a sauna. Maybe one of us should get a heart attack so they can finally treat it seriously, I don't know.Anyway, if this story is not red flag to you then I don't know what is.
Ceyhun Cemal SakrucuCeyhun Cemal Sakrucu
13:03 14 Apr 24
Hey everyone first of all I want to thank all the amara family hotel family it was an awesome holiday with my family , food , drinks , rooms , and hotel was brilliant but special thanks to entertainment team with there daily activities and night show programs it was perfect we will definitely recommend this hotel to our friends to come visit see you all again hopefully ,,
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