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Veeliumägede ja meelelahutusega perehotell.


2004.a ehitatud hotell, üldpindala 29 800 m2. Viimane renoveerimine toimus 2023.a.

Hotell koosneb ühest 7-korruselisest hoonest:

Eco rooms (asuvad alumisel korrusel, olemas toad ilma rõduta, piiratud vaatega, osa numbreid rõduta, 27.5 m2)

458 standart room (neist 5 numbrituba erivajadustega inimestele, max. 2+2 või 3+inf., 27.5 m2);

36 deluxe room (max. 4 või 3+2 in., 39 m2);

33 kahetoalist family room (2 uksega magamistuba, max. 4 või 3+2 in., 41 m2);

4 kahetoalist queen suit room (elutuba, uksega magamistuba, max. 4 või 3+2 in., 73 m2);


90 km kaugusel Antalya lennujaamast, 15 km kaugusel Side linnast, 40 km kaugusel Alanya linnast, mere ääres.


  •  seif: toas,: tasuta
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  põrand: parkett (põrandaplaat (esimestel korrustel))
  •  televiisor: olemas (kaabel-tv)
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer: üld
  •  minibaar: tasuta
  •  vann või dušš
  •  rõdu või terrass
  •  telefon
  •  tee/kohvi valmistamise võimalus olemas
  •  vene kanalid:
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi,: tasuta


  •  miniklubi (miniklubi 4-12 a.)
  •  lapsehoidja teenus:: 
  •  mänguväljak
  •  veeliumäed: 2
  •  laste basseinid: 3 (avatud)
  •  laste puhvet


  •  Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas:: tasuta
  •  kai
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta
  •  rannabaar:: tasuta
  •  oma
  •  liiva-kiviklibune


  •  restoranid: 1 (pealmine, dieettoidud)
  •  baarid: 5
  •  sisebasseinid: 1
  •  basseinid: 3 (avatud)
  •  kino
  •  spaa-keskus
  •  konverentsisaalid: 2 (80-300 inimesele)
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  A la carte restoranid: 2
  •  arstikabinet
  •  veeliumäed: 6
  •  Wi-Fi: tasuta
  •  pesula: 
  •  päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  juuksur
  •  kauplused

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  jalgpalliväljak: tasuta
  •  saun: tasuta
  •  noolemäng: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljaku valgustus: 
  •  piljard: tasuta
  •  vibulaskmine: tasuta
  •  veesport: 
  •  massaaž: 
  •  tennise reketide ja pallide rent: 
  •  türgi saun (hammam): tasuta
  •  mängutuba: 
  •  aeroobika: tasuta
  •  korvpall: tasuta
  •  diskoteek (sissepääs): tasuta
  •  minigolf: tasuta
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  rannavõrkpall: tasuta
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljak (2 väljakut kõvakattega): tasuta

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  lapsevanker:: 


  •  UAI


  •  Queen Suite Land View
  •  Deluxe Room Sea & Pool View
  •  Large Room
  •  Family Room
  •  Standard Room ROH
  •  Junior Land View
  •  Economy Room without View
  •  Family Room Land View
  •  Standard Sea&Pool View
  •  Standard Room Park & Garden View
  •  Standard Land View
  •  Economy Room
  •  Standard Room Side Sea View
  •  Family Room Sea&Pool View
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Pemar Beach Resort
Based on 2470 reviews
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İbrahim Aktaşİbrahim Aktaş
19:39 11 May 24
The location of the hotel is good, the food could be a little better, the sea is nice, but it would be better if you use the stony pier on the beach. I was prejudiced due to the negative comments about the staff in the previous periods, but it was positive that the hotel changed hands and entered a new formation. Also, the public and relations manager of the hotel, Mr. and Mr. Mehmet Çelik, the cafeteria manager, are very qualified and attentive... As someone who has previously vacationed in Bodrum, Göçek, Marmaris, Fethiye and Alaçatı regions, if you come with high expectations, you will be disappointed. The excessive Russian density in the Antalya region may disturb you. It would be better if you decide by taking this situation into consideration...
Şenay ÖzdemirŞenay Özdemir
16:22 11 May 24
I was there last year, the pools were very nice, but the only problem was that they were very deep, those who could not swim were just standing on one side, and when you go a little further, the pool suddenly gets deeper and your feet are wasted. Children wanted to enter, but they could not enjoy the pool because they were not tall enough. They could not enter the 0.3 year old pool because they were embarrassed. At least one of the pools may not be deep. .
Mevlüt UğurMevlüt Uğur
07:15 10 May 24
Mustafa RamazanovMustafa Ramazanov
13:08 09 May 24
There is insufficient staff. There are queues everywhere, at dinner and at the bar. I haven't waited in line this long in a long time. There is no one clearing plates in the dining area. The tables are full of dirty plates. It is even difficult to find clean cutlery. There are no clean glasses at the bar. Disco is not working. The amusement park is not working. I brought my daughter to the amusement park and we were disappointed. It's hard to say positive things other than the pool, the animals in the zoo, the large hotel area and the spa staff. If only our administrative friends would come out of their rooms and take a look at these places. This way, your first customer becomes your last customer.
12:51 08 May 24
Armas pemar beach Manavgat regret is quiet but don't come calmly. They sell it as a 5 star hotel but it doesn't even deserve 3, cleanliness, hygiene is zero, food is always the same.They're trying to take 500 liras each for a disco and take them somewhere else.Employees are indifferent and disrespectfulThe hotel building and the rooms are extremely poorly maintained.If you are not hungry for your money, come here.
hichem TRShichem TRS
10:30 03 Oct 23
I recently had the pleasure of staying at Pemar Resort Beach and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warm smiles and impeccable service.
Sofi KrasniqiSofi Krasniqi
08:45 15 Sep 23
I really wanted to thank the spa for this incredible experience. I was very lucky to have met Mazlum, he managed to release all my energy and circulate it throughout my body. In 5 days my figure became slimmer. I am still very surprised by this beautiful result that I have been waiting for years. I can only congratulate him and be grateful to him. Isa, a very welcoming and caring person. It was thanks to him that it all started, he presented their work to me well and gave me all the best advice. The Pemar Hotel is very lucky to have this spa 🫧
Angheluta VictorAngheluta Victor
16:50 30 Aug 23
In Turkey, all-inclusive hotels are the usual, unlimited food, easy sea acces, and lots of pools to swim in are a must. Now the things that make the difference between a good hotel and a great one is the attention to details, and here this hotel is lacking.1. The food is no more than average, 90% of the time it's the same and not that wow.2. The rooms are just meh, mine had a strong cigarette smell and the water temperature in the shower was not consistent (it was literally changing temperature as the water was pouring without touching anything. (Not saying the toilet actually broke and it started flooding, but could've just been an unfortunate situation)3. The sea is alright but 2/7 days I was there I had no access due to a red flag ( to be honest the waves weren't that bad)4. The stuff is alright, not polite, not rude, they keep quiet and do their job. (That, for me, is a good thing)5. The beverages are okay, nothing special.6. While the hotel has a nice mini-zoo, it usually stinks, and I don't mean the zoo, I mean there are spots on the hotel ground where you literally can't stand the smell (I had this experience while standing and eating at a table once)7. The bathrooms are 7/10 clean but it kinda stinks there too.CONCLUSION: While this may be a good hotel, it's lacking in attention to details, the experience here is not bad, but you'll find a lot of things to dislike. Overall these problems are easily fixeble, but for now nothing is perfect. Bear in mind when booking.
Marat AbdullaevMarat Abdullaev
04:25 07 Jul 23
STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH! Especially if you have kids.If you are taking the risk anyways, PLEASE make sure to have a reservation that can be cancelled after check in.Location is great!Staff is nice and friendly!Live music every day. Saxofon player was amazing!And facilities USED TO BE great and spectacular MANY YEARS AGO!!!But as of July 2023 it is extremely old and not renovated properly in many years.We were shocked by the conditions of this hotel. We only spent 1 night in the hotel and cancelled rest of our stay because we simply could not live in such anti hygiene.Old, dirty (mold) and stinky (cigarette and other smells) rooms and common areasDirty moldy swimming poolsGrey (used to be white) towels - when I asked guest relations why they keep so old, once used to be white towels, she said that they are clean, washed and not torn :-oBedlinen had burnt holes from cigaretsBad foodBeach (bridge) not as on the picture, missing the circle at the end, looks like a wild beachElevators old, slow, no air con, have to wait for long, not showing positionNo internet in roomsMosquitoes and flies all aroundCeiling on the first floor corridor is terrible - electric cords hanging, rusty and water dropping some places. When I asked a lady in guest relations about poor conditions of 1st floor, she asked why did I care? We lived on the 3rd floor.So once again, do yourself a favor to make it possible to cancel once you see this disaster!
Dennis PDennis P
05:06 11 Jun 23
A great hotel with its own beach, friendly stuff, and big territory. The food was plenty. They had activities all day long. At the hammam, they had massage therapists. A couple of problems: AC was very weak as well as the wifi signal.
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