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Charmillion Club Aqua Park 5*

Hea hinna ja kvaliteedi suhtega, sobib klientidele, kes soovivad soodsa hinnaga päikselist rannapuhkust pere seltsis. Lai valik puhkusevõimalusi ja meelelahutust igas vanuses külastajatele. Pakutakse "Dine around" programmi, kus kliendid saavad avastada ja proovida kõiki pakutavaid maitseid.


Hotell asub 4,5 km kaugusel Sharm El Sheikhi lennujaamast, 20 km kaugusel kesklinnast. Läheduses asuvad hotellid: Charmillion Club Resort.


Hotell on ehitatud 2012. aastal, viimane renoveerimine teostatud 2021. aastal.

Hotelli üldpind on 63500 m2.

Hotell koosneb 3-korruselisest peahoonest (seal on lift) ja seitsmeteistkümnest 3-korruselisest hoonest.

Hotell pakub majutust piiratud füüsiliste võimetega külalistele, olemas on ratastoolid.


Oma liiva- ja kivikliburand asub hotellist 1 km kaugusel. Randa viib transport iga tund 08:00-17:00.

Päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid, rannarätikud on tasuta.


  • välibassein (talvel soojendusega)
  • veepark (10 veeliumäge, talvel soojendusega, 10.00-17.00)
  • pearestoran
  • A’La Carte restoran Italian
  • fuajeebaar Terrace
  • rannabaar
  • basseinibaar
  • baar veekeskuses
  • spordibaar


Hotelli ei lubata lemmikloomi.

Hotellis on inglise keelt kõnelev personal.


  • dušš
  • vannitarvikud
  • föön
  • kliimaseade
  • TV
  • telefon
  • minibaar
  • tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  • seif
  • Wi-Fi (tasuta)
  • triikraud ja triikimislaud (soovi korral)

Tubade koristamine: Iga päev.

Voodipesu vahetamine: Iga päev.


AI – kõik hinnas

AI kontseptsioon sisaldab:

  • hommikusöök pearestoranis (07:00-10:00)
  • suupisted veepargi baaris (10:00-12:30)
  • lõunasöök pearestoranis (12:30-14:30)
  • suupisted veepargi baaris (13:00-16:00)
  • tee ja saiakesed fuajeebaaris Terrace (17:00-18:30)
  • õhtusöök pearestoranis (18:30-21:00)
  • õhtusöök A’La Carte restoranis Aquerrello (18:30-19:30, 20:00-21:00)
  • õhtusöök restoranis Hendi (buffee, 18:30-19:30, 20:00-21:00)
  • joogid fuajeebaaris Terrace (24/7)
  • joogid veepargi baaris (10:00-17:00)
  • joogid basseinibaaris (10:00-17:00)
  • joogid spordibaaris (12:00-00:00)


A’La Carte restoranide külastamine tasuta 1 kord peatumise kohta (ettetellimisel).

Sport ja meelelahutus

  • jõusaal
  • amfiteater
  • elav muusika
  • aeroobika, vesiaeroobika
  • meelelahutusprogrammid
  • tenniseväljak (valgustus lisatasu eest)
  • lauatennis
  • noolemäng
  • rannavõrkpall

Ilu ja tervis

  • Türgi saun (lisatasu eest)
  • saun (lisatasu eest)
  • mullivann (lisatasu eest)
  • ilusalong (lisatasu eest)

Muud teenused

  • Wi-Fi fuajees (tasuta)
  • arst (lisatasu eest)
  • seif vastuvõtus
  • parkla


  • lastebassein (talvel soojendusega)
  • veepark (12 laste veeliumäge, 10.00-17.00, talvel soojendusega)
  • miniklubi vanuses 3 kuni 12 aastat (10:00-12:30, 15:00-17:00)
  • venekeelsed laste meelelahutusprogrammid
  • minidisko
  • laste mänguväljak
  • lastetoolid restoranis
  • võrevoodi
  • lastemenüü
  • lapsehoidja (lisatasu eest)

NB! SEA CLUB AQUA PARK hotellikülalised ei saa kasutada Sea Club, Sea Garden ja Sea Life hotellide infrastruktuuri, v.a Sea Club rand.

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Omar AwadOmar Awad
20:53 31 Jan 24
Good hotelI had a lot of fun at the hotel. The evening shows were great and very funny. Especially Luca, he was with us all the time and he was very kind to everyone. The rooms were very clean. Thank you, Luca
Mohamed KaledMohamed Kaled
20:40 31 Jan 24
I enjoyed this hotel very much, as there were many wonderful services, such as the animation team, especially Luca. We had a lot of fun and played, and he cared about everyone’s safety. The food was very delicious, the rooms were constantly clean, and the water park was very enjoyable. Thank you. I hope to see you soon.
Alicja BartoszukAlicja Bartoszuk
22:38 20 Jan 24
Not so far from AirportService on good levelEach day something different for quests: illuminations, karaoke, Oriental show ect.The same with dinner each day different themeSpa and Gym also availablePools also with heating so water is not so cold( and this is huge+)Breakfast can be more things, but even everybody should find somethingIn rooms should be already some renovationWas good time for Winter Holiday
Harpreet ChahalHarpreet Chahal
13:42 02 Dec 23
I've travelled the world in different hotels but this hotel is the best for value. Loved the fresh pasta station and the flyboarding show! Great DJ and songs. The beach has so many brightly coloured fishes and you don't need to go deep to see them.The staff are amazing to the kitchen, reception and the housekeepers. Thank you to Eslam for exceptional cleaning. The hotel room had a free fruit bowl in the rooms and large water bottles.The hotel gave us complimentary late check in which we appreciated.The hotel was extremely clean, dining area, rooms, pool area, everywhere was great.
Lucy TudorLucy Tudor
09:29 25 Nov 23
Honest review from a British family who stayed here for 10 nights all inclusive, 2 adults 2 children aged 4 and 2 during November. Firstly I will start with the room, very basic but kept clean. We stayed in an adjoining room so that we still had some privacy from the children. Beds were comfy enough however the air conditioning was very sporadic, some nights when it worked we got great sleep, other nights it wouldn't cool enough which made for a very uncomfortable and sweaty nights sleep! Our shower drain also blocked one day which resulted in a very flooded bathroom floor, thankfully this only happened once. The man who cleaned our room each day was very friendly with the kids and they loved coming back to the room each day to see what animal arrangement he had done with the towels for them. The pool is brilliant for children, plenty to keep them entertained and the water was warm enough that the children enjoyed being in there. We were given a towel voucher for each person on arrival and could collect clean towels each day, however, someone took one of our towels from by the poolside one day and when we went to check out we were charged 15euros for this?! For someone else stealing our towel?! So my advice would be to guard your towels! The bar staff around the pool are friendly and attentive, however when going up for drinks on occassion staff would say they would bring it over and there were a couple of times we had to go back up as 45 minutes would pass and our drinks were nowhere to be seen. Not an issue for my partner and I but when our young children needed water in the 29 degree heat this was somewhat annoying. Secondly, the food. As a family we are adventurous eaters and I definitely wouldn't call my children "beige eaters" however by day 4 I physically could not bare to look at the buffet food any longer. A lot of the same stuff with little cultural variety and very little flavour. There is however an Indian restaurant on site which we found very enjoyable, it was the first meal that all 4 of us finished! There is also an "a la carte" restaurant on site which you can use once during your visit, my advice on that one is just don't bother. They basically serve you the same stuff that is served in the main restaurant then bring you an empty wallet whilst you're still eating for you to put their assumed tip in?! We managed to avoid an upset stomach but our daughter did vomit during the night on 2 separate occasions. When speaking to other guests they also had complaints that members of their family had been unwell at some point throughout their holiday. The location for us was brilliant as it is literally a 5 minute drive from the airport (with 2 small children a 2 hour transfer from the hotel to the airport on a bus is our idea of hell based off previous experiences) and approximately 15 minutes from the bay/busier areas by taxi. Lastly, the evening entertainment could have been improved. There is a mini disco for the kids each night which our children enjoyed, but not much else worth watching after that. The first nights entertainment involved 4 women being brought on stage from the audience to perform in a "catwalk competition" which was quite uncomfortable to watch as one of the ladies who got called up looked about 15/16. The following night it was men who were asked to come up on stage and do funny impressions of Michael Jackson etc, this to me just seemed a complete imbalance in what the women had been asked to do the night before. There was one day where there was a jet ski hover board performance by the pool which was brilliant but that was the only real entertainment act we saw that was worth watching. Overall we did really enjoy our holiday and would return to this hotel, we would probably make more of an effort to venture off site for meals though or bring snacks that we know our children will eat. This review is based on our honest experience alone.
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