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Club Paradiso Hotel & Resort 5*


  • Kaugus liiva-kiviklibu rannast on umbes 900 m
  • Kaugus kuurordi keskusest on umbes 7 km (Alanya)
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 130 km (Antalya), 38 km (Gazipasha)
  • Hotelli asukoht ei sobi liikumisraskustega kliendile

Hotell :

Ehitatud 2000 aastal, üldpindala 35 000 m2, viimati renoveeritud 2015 aastal.

Hotell koosneb ühest 5-korruselisest peahoonest ja kümnest 6-korruselisest Annex hoonest.


  • UAI

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  • lapsevanker: tasuline
  • beebimonitor tasuline


  • rõdu või terrass
  • veekeetja
  • tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  • toateenindus: ööpäevaringselt, tasuline
  • põrand: laminaat
  • tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  • föön: olemas
  • telefon
  • voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  • seif: toas, tasuline
  • dušš
  • televiisor: olemas
  • konditsioneer: individuaalne
  • minibaar


  • sisebasseinid: 1
  • kauplused
  • juuksur
  • restoranid: 1
  • spaa-keskus
  • baarid: 8
  • päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres: tasuta
  • Internetikohvik tasuline
  • A la carte restoranid: 2
  • pesumaja
  • konverentsisaalid: 1
  • arst väljakutsel
  • basseinid: 4
  • Wi-Fi fuajees, tasuta
  • keemiline puhastus
  • veeliumäed: 5
  • rannarätikud basseini ääres: tasuta, vahetus tasuline


  • liivane
  • rannabaar: tasuta
  • buss randa: tasuta
  • Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas: tasuta
  • oma
  • rätikud rannas: tasuta, vahetus tasuline

Meelelahutus ja sport

  • korvpall tasuta
  • squash tasuta
  • rannavõrkpall tasuta
  • noolemäng tasuta
  • lauatennis tasuta
  • õhtune show tasuta
  • õhupüssist laskmine tasuta
  • katamaraan tasuta
  • vesiaeroobika tasuta
  • tenniseväljaku valgustus tasuline
  • piljard tasuta
  • petang tasuta
  • diskoteek tasuta
  • aeroobika tasuta
  • tenniseväljak tasuta
  • türgi saun (hammam) tasuta
  • mullivann tasuta
  • saun tasuta
  • ratsutamine tasuline
  • jõusaal tasuta
  • sukeldumiskursused tasuline
  • minigolf tasuta
  • veesport tasuline
  • massaaž tasulineelav muusika tasuta


  • laste basseinid: 3
  • mänguväljak
  • lapsehoidja teenus: tasulin
  • lastebassein: sisebassein
  • miniklubi
  • teismeliste klubi


  • Standard
  • Superior Room
  • Family Room C
  • Family Room B

93 standard room (mahub 2 in., 21 m2);

56 kahetoalist Family suite A (elutuba, magamistuba ukseta, mahub 4 in. 54 m2)

70 kolmetoalist Family suite В (elutuba, 2 magamistuba, mahub 6 in. 60 m2)

43 neljatoalist Family suite С (elutuba, 3 magamistuba, mahub 6 in. 63 m2)

17 kahetasandilst Penthause A Suite (mõlemal tasemel elutuba, magamistuba, vannituba, mahub 7 in., 76,5 m2)

31 kahetasandilst Penthause B Suite Suite (1.tasemel: elutuba, 2 magamistuba uksega, vannituba; 2.tasandil: elutuba, magamistuba uksega, vannituba, mahub 8 in., 96 m2).

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Bert MollemaBert Mollema
17:55 03 May 24
16:29 03 May 24
It's a great club
ozlm kozlm k
10:52 09 Mar 24
We only got information by talking on the phone, they gave very descriptive answers, thank you.
Görkem KılıçkayaGörkem Kılıçkaya
21:52 08 Mar 24
In one word, it is worth the price, the hotel is so big that you can get lost in it. The rooms were a bit ordinary and seemed old, but the service was great, there are free stands everywhere, for example, baked potatoes stand, ice cream stand, hamburger stand, flatbread stand and many more, there are a lot of events going on, there are 3 bars and you can buy unlimited drinks (yes, I am (I drank 9 cocktails in one day and had an upset stomach) Shows are held in the amphitheater in the evenings and are very entertaining, there is also a tennis hall and gym. Being in Alanya is both an advantage and a disadvantage because Alanya is like hell and I had sunstroke because of it.
Orhan ArslanOrhan Arslan
21:56 29 Feb 24
number 10price performance placeSuper
After 8 visits since 2012, I don't know if I can rate it so objectively 😊 my wife and I spent our first vacation together here. We got engaged and had our honeymoon here. Our son, who is now two years old, was also there when he was 8 months old and will be going on a real family vacation with us for the first time this year in May. We usually fly outside of peak travel times. So we don't have the problems that this time brings with it in all Turkish hotels. Not everything is perfect in this hotel. We know exactly what we get and what we don't. And we have come to terms with that. The price-performance ratio is absolutely fine for us (off-season prices, of course). Here, like everywhere else, the sound makes the music. Anyone who still asks for solutions and is willing to compromise will always be helped here. A hotel built into a mountain. Family friendly and spacious. If you are not good on foot, you should not book here. If the children are not sure-footed, things could become very problematic. Things go up and down here and you have to deal with that. The hotel is teeming with regular guests in the off-season, which of course includes us.
Eduard BorkEduard Bork
06:04 16 Jan 24
Our family room was great. It had 3 large rooms and were clean.
Lewis DoveLewis Dove
14:33 01 Nov 23
Myself and my girlfriend have just come back from 8 nights at club paradiso.We were extremely impressed. The hotel is lovely and very clean. Even though its on a large site and I do understand if you're up the top it's a way to the reception, bar and spa.The food was good. There was something different each day and also the usual food that's out every night (rice chips etc)For a large hotel we didn't struggle to find a sun bed when we wanted one. Even at the beach we were able to get off the bus and get a sun bed within minutes. Same went for breakfast lunch and dinner. Always got a table.Food is basically served all day at the hotel. There are only a couple of hours where you can't get anything to eat.The snack bar is great and you're able to grab burgers or pizza.Near the arcade area you're able to grab cheese toasties and jacket potatoes when they're open. We missed breakfast but were able to go up and grab a toasties and a coffee.When we arrived we only had one pillow each but within 10 mins this was sorted. Very quick service getting two more for us.The entertainment is amazing. During the day they had mini games and picked winners. Then in the evening after kids disco they announced the winners and gave them 120 euros as a prize. You don't see that often !All staff were friendly and up for a laugh.I paid for the WiFi and I'm glad I did. Didn't have any issues even at the beach. They charged me £11 for 8 days and my girlfriend was able to use it via my hotspot.The beach served cold and hot food along with a variety of drinks so you didn't go without. The bus to and from the beach wasn't an issue and added fun to the day. They are old but and worn out but it made it an enjoyable 10 min ride !They have a service to and from the town we didn't use it as we got a taxi and that wasn't too badly priced at 8 euros.I would recommend this hotel! Thanks for having us !
11:37 07 Oct 23
I don’t know where to start, but I’m not coming back. Food was bad, the servers flirt with teenage girls, and pool water is like the north pole, the tv only plays the club paradiso video clip as if it is trying to brainwash you. Wifi should be free, it’s in the name. Wouldn’t recommend
21:09 08 Sep 23
This is our first and last time in Club Paradiso. 1. First of all hotel is in hills. Everything is placed in mini buildings. You have to walk kilometers from your room to restaurant, pool etc. Beach is amazing, the sea is very nice BUT the hotel is far from it. Everyday there is shuttle bus that goes every 15, 30 min to the beach. The bus is super old and very dirty. There is big pause between 12:30 and 14:00 where it does not work. Its very stresfull that you cant relax in the sea because you have to think about when the bus will come. Beach isnt very close and the buses are usually crowded and suuper dirty. 2. Food is good its tasty, but there is no much choice, about 5 types of warm dishes for the luch and dinner. Food is repeating constantly.3. The whole hotel and the rooms are very very old and not so much clean, but ok.4. We were excited about going to a la carte Barbeque restaurant, but when we came to book it, the guest relations lady said that there is not space for us, although we came after 3 days of our stay [we are staying 10 days]. The room for us was only in Fish a la carte. Maybe it wad our mistake for not booking it immediately but the guest relations lady works only from 10-12 every day.5. The staff was very nice except recepcion and lady with black hair that works there.6. The poll is very small and there is no place to swim in it.7. You have bus from Hotel to Alanya but also in only exceptional periods of day and the bus is also very small and crowded even though you pay you have to stand the entire time to Alanya if you are not fast enough to catch a chair.8. The wifi is horrible. You have it free in loby only and its very slow. You can pay for it to have it everywhere but the payment is 3€ per person - this is very silly to me since we are in the 21. Century and wifi is something normal and you are paying for ULTRa all inc but you dont have acces to wifi.The hotel is not ultra all inc nor its is 5 star hotel.
Karolina TKarolina T
11:16 29 Aug 23
We loved our stay and overall experience was 5-star.There were a few things that could improve (room decor is a bit dated, swimming pools overcrowded) but the staff are continually going the extra mile so all other things paled in insignificance. Beautiful place.Word of caution (not re the hotel itself) - the attached doctor surgery is a money making sausage machine. They'll get you to their affiliated private hospital ("University hospital") for any insignificant issue just to rip the insurance money off. Beware
Martin ŠuriňákMartin Šuriňák
11:45 24 Aug 23
club paradiso deserves a definite 5 out of 5, everything was perfect, excellent food, the animators were very helpful and they had a great program, the bartenders were also great. We had the room cleaned every day, even if we didn't ask for it, so that's a big plus. not a single day happened that we didn't miss a deck chair because they have enough for everyone
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