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Dobedan World Palace Hotel (Alva Donna World Palace)

Haljastatud hotelliala. Hea hinna ja kvaliteedi suhe. Sobib nii aktiivseks puhkuseks kui ka rahulikuks puhkuseks koos lastega.
Olemas soojendusega bassein.


65 km Antalya lennujaamast, 6 km Kemerist, Kiriši külas, mere ääres.


Ehitatud 1994. aastal, üldpindala 107 000 m2, viimati renoveeritud 2015. aastal.

Hotell koosneb kuuest 4-korruselisest hoonest:

586 standard room land view (neist 8 tuba erivajadusega kliendile, mahub 3 in., 35 m2);

80 standard room pool view (mahub 3 in., 35 m2)

132 kahetasandilist duplex family room (1. tasand: magamistuba french bed, 2. tasandil: magamistuba twin bed, 2 vannituba ( 1.tasandil – vann,  2. tasandil – dušš), mahub 4 või 3+2 in., 56 m2);

18 kahetoalist terrace suite room (merevaatega terrass, elutuba, magamistuba french bed, mullivanniga vannituba, mahub 3+1 in., 57 m2).


  •  UAI


  •  rannapaviljonid: 
  •  Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas:: tasuta
  •  kai
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta
  •  rannabaar:: tasuta
  •  oma
  •  liiva-kiviklibune


  •  seif: toas,: tasuta
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  •  hommikumantel
  •  põrand: laminaat (vaipkate ja marmor)
  •  veekeetja
  •  televiisor: olemas
  •  sussid
  •  rõdu
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer: üld
  •  minibaar: tasuta
  •  vann või dušš
  •  toateenindus:: 
  •  telefon
  •  tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi,: tasuta

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  saun: tasuta
  •  noolemäng: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljaku valgustus: 
  •  elav muusika: tasuta
  •  veesport: 
  •  massaaž: 
  •  tennise reketide ja pallide rent: 
  •  türgi saun (hammam): tasuta
  •  aeroobika: tasuta
  •  korvpall: tasuta
  •  diskoteek: tasuta
  •  õhupüssist laskmine: tasuta
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  rannavõrkpall: tasuta
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  minijalgpall: tasuta
  •  tenniseväljak: tasuta


  •  restoranid: 3
  •  baarid: 9
  •  sisebasseinid: 1
  •  basseinid: 7 (olemas soojendusega bassein)
  •  spaa-keskus
  •  konverentsisaalid: 6
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  keemiline puhastus
  •  A la carte restoranid: 4
  •  arstikabinet
  •  veepark (6 liumäge)
  •  pesula: 
  •  päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  juuksur
  •  kauplused

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  lapsevanker: olemas


  •  miniklubi
  •  veeliumäed (6 laste veeliumäge ja 3 väikelaste veeliumäge)
  •  lapsehoidja teenus: päringu alusel,: 
  •  mänguväljak
  •  laste menüü restoranis
  •  laste basseinid: 2 (neist 1 mereveega asub rannas; 1 on soojendusega ja asub ruumis; 1 on väljas, kus on 6 laste veeliumäge ja 3 väikelaste veeliumäge)
  •  sisebassein


  •  Standard Garden View
  •  Superior Standard Room
  •  Superior Swim Up Room
  •  Superior Quad Standard Room
  •  Superior Dublex Family Room
  •  Duplex Family
  •  Terrace Suite
  •  Standard Pool View
  •  Standard Land View
  •  Standard Side Sea View
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18:41 27 Apr 24
Talip KayaTalip Kaya
16:33 22 Apr 24
osman durumosman durum
08:26 19 Apr 24
The hotel is in a very beautiful place in terms of location, with the sea on one side and the green mountains of Kemer on the other. The staff is friendly and caring. The food is delicious. Except for one pool, the others are heated.
Bilgin Doğan ÖZBilgin Doğan ÖZ
18:48 16 Apr 24
seçil yucedağseçil yucedağ
08:26 09 Apr 24
güray küçüksarıgüray küçüksarı
06:24 16 Feb 24
A well-kept, modern hotel 0 distance from the sea.
Metin ÇıralMetin Çıral
13:41 08 Feb 24
Hakan ÇavgaHakan Çavga
15:14 10 Jan 24
11:59 05 Jan 24
mustafa PİRAZmustafa PİRAZ
05:13 26 Dec 23
A nice business
Ivanno PassaIvanno Passa
16:33 06 Sep 23
Rooms require renovation, but the condition is still satisfactory. All other signs: food, entertainment, and location are excellent. Swimming pools clean and tidy. Family 4 of us, me, wife, and 2 kids 3 and 5 years old 1 week including flights, transportation, family double floor room with excellent view, 2 bathrooms 3500$ via touristic company. We just booked 1 week earlier. I'm sure it would cost much cheaper. Great place ❤️
John StrongJohn Strong
02:42 24 Aug 23
Good hotel. The rooms are a little dated and apparently they start to renovate later this year. However, they are clean and comfortable. The food is good, with multiple meat and fish choices each time and they run different themes on the evening.
06:08 21 Jun 23
Lovely hotel, beautiful, well-groomed territory. Delicious food, for every taste. We stayed when the hotel was full, but it was very spacious and comfortable. There were always free tables, sunbeds, etc. For the first 2 days there was a little bit rain but in all for a 7 days stay the weather was good. You have beach bar and also snack bar that right at the beach.The food was really good and delicious.The hotel has its own beach and it is with stones. I preferred to swim from the beach platform.I highly recommend this hotel for a family travellers.
Jonas PovilauskasJonas Povilauskas
08:02 01 May 23
We had all-inclusive highest tier booking and it exactly has been the best service you could ever receive.Room service (at least our lady) was very understanding and calm. May not have spoken English at all but she was super sweet and tried her best talking in sign language. Always everything is left tidy and lovely. She also let us re-use the towels for ecology.Rooms had all you may need, from hair driers, several sinks and bathrooms, to a telly and of course, balconies. The mini fridge is always restocked. Plus you may cool your own drinks there too.For me as a smoker - this place was great because nobody is bothered by the fact one smokes and ensures to provide ashtrays, vases or trashbins. You can both smoke by the pools or in the dining area, cafés or restaurants. A nice perk to have.One can eat as much as they want all day long and never feel a tinge of hunger at all. Dozens of different specialty having chefs are preparing food by their serving places in the main food hall and it all is just fresh, delicious and adventurous! You quite literally get food for the night as well if you do not sleep or having insomnia.Bars are open 24/7 as well - those mixologists are sublime! They can do anything and also take suggestions in what would you like served. We made several cocktails from scratch to teach them like almond sour and such.The whole place is vast and you definitely can go for a jog or a walk around the campound. Plenty of activities and of course, pools. Two of them are luke-warm pools (I'm not sure why people sit in them during a scorching day but) others are the colder type and quite refreshing! Games are by the pool and in the pool anything you like.All the staff around the whole territory, they are resourceful, funny, friendly and kind! Do learn a bit of turkish to brighten their day and they will brighten yours with their extra mile!
agija svaraagija svara
19:30 06 Aug 22
Our stay in this hotel was perfect. Service and everything here is on the top. Sushi restaurant served very delicious food and we liked service in pavilions on the beach.Especially we liked animation of the hotel. We liked foam party, hawaian party in the pool, enjoy party at the pier. Evening shows were amazing.Thank you to animators for activities during the day.
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