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Kleopatra Ada 4*

Hotell asub Alanya kesklinnast 1 km kaugusel. Antalya lennujaam on hotellist 118 km kaugusel, Gazipasa lennujaam 50 km kaugusel.


Hotell asub Alanya kesklinnast 1 km kaugusel. Antalya lennujaam on hotellist 118 km kaugusel, Gazipasa lennujaam 50 km kaugusel.


Hotell avati 1996. aastal ja viimati renoveeriti 2021. aastal.

Territooriumi kogupindala on 2000 m2.

Koosneb 5-korruselisest liftiga hoonest.

Hotell mahutab puuetega külalisi ja kohapeal on ka kaldteed.

Maksmiseks aktsepteeritakse pangakaarte Visa, Mastercard.


RO – ainult majutus (01.11.2023-31.03.2024).

AI – “Kõik hinnas”

Kontseptsioon sisaldab: hommiku-, hiline hommiku-, lõuna- ja õhtusöök – Rootsi laud, gozleme, magustoidud, kohalikud alkohoolsed ja mittealkohoolsed joogid (10:00-22:00).

Kõik imporditud joogid, värsked mahlad, joogid ja toidud rannas, pudelijoogid, jäätis, 24h toateenindus, Türgi kohv, espresso – lisatasu eest. Kõik joogid ja toidud pärast kella 22:00 lisatasu eest.


Kleopatra avalik liivarand on hotellist 50 m kaugusel, üle tee.

Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud, madratsid – lisatasu eest, rannarätikuid ei pakuta.

Baar rannas (08:00-17:00, söök ja jook lisatasu eest).


  • välibassein, 100 m2
  • restoran 300 inimesele
  • basseinibaar
  • TV salong

Majutus lemmikloomadega ei ole lubatud.


Hotellis on 123 tuba.


  • split konditsioneer
  • hügeenitarbed
  • SAT TV
  • minibaar (lisatasu eest)
  • seif (lisatasu eest)
  • WiFi (tasuline)
  • telefon
  • dušš/vann
  • föön

Põrandakate: keraamiline plaat.

Tubade koristamine: iga päev.

Voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas.

Rätikute vahetus: 3 korda nädalas.

Sport ja meelelahutus

  • disko (lisatasu eest)
  • lauatennis
  • noolemäng
  • piljard (lisatasu eest)
  • rannavõrkpall
  • veespordialad (lisatasu eest)

Ilu ja tervis

  • SPA-keskus
  • massaaž, koorimine (lisatasu eest)
  • Türgi aurusaun (lisatasu eest)
  • saun, leiliruum (lisatasu eest)

Muud teenused

  • arstiabi
  • WiFi (lisatasu eest, territtoriumil)
  • pesumaja
  • konverentsisaal, 40 m2


  • võrevoodi, soovi korral
  • laste välibassein
  • lastetoolid restoranis

Standard Room

Tuba: 20 m2, kaheinimesevoodi ja üheinimesevoodi, rõdu, maksimaalne majutus 2 täisk +1 laps.

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Kleopatra Ada Hotel
Based on 799 reviews
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Janusz CiesielskiJanusz Ciesielski
15:19 06 Jun 24
10:20 04 Jun 24
Thank you very much, I stayed at the Cleopatra Hell Hotel. Wonderful reception staff, a nice young girl Hadiya. The managers and employees are very friendly and nice. In this hotel there is a magician, a professional of the highest category, his name is Kadir - a massage therapist. After his massage, all my bumps disappeared. After his massage I pulled myself together. I became a different person, the pain subsided and I became younger. Thanks to this hotel and its wonderful people. I will definitely be back next summer.
Hello, I'm from KazakhstanI am very glad that I came to your hotel 🙏Thank you very much The hotel administrator gave us a very warm welcome, special thanks to the professional Chefs, everything was very tasty Thank you for your work My husband and I thank everyone InshaAllah we will come again God bless you🤲
The hotel is a solid 3 stars, the furniture in the rooms is old and worn, some of the plumbing is broken, literally everything needs repairs. There is not much choice in food, food is often reheated for the next day, but vegetables and fruits are always fresh, as are baked goods. The staff is friendly and responsive, always ready to solve your problems. A huge plus is the proximity of the sea to Cleopatra Beach, but the hotel does not have its own beach. Another minus is paid Wi-Fi; it was unusual to pay for Internet in a hotel. And so in general, everything is fine, but I won’t go here a second time
Mehmet MerterMehmet Merter
12:15 02 Jun 24
I went there a few times in the past because it was economical, but when I went there now, the managers of the restaurant did not even look at the chef, the food is terrible, there are no social activities, it is like a retirement home, I moved to another hotel for the same price, Relax Beach hotel is a perfect place, I paid the same price, there was a big difference.
Ünsal KaraltıÜnsal Karaltı
23:00 14 Mar 24
10:36 27 Feb 24
Zamim SediqiZamim Sediqi
17:06 25 Feb 24
Diarrhea from food simply not recommended, worst hotel I've ever been to
Ömer Faruk ŞenÖmer Faruk Şen
17:20 20 Feb 24
Mete ŞentürkMete Şentürk
10:19 28 Jan 24
Don't go unless necessary. There is no cleaning, bad food, internet is paid.
I will try to do my best to close this place. I send an application to Turkish ministry of tourism and ministry of healthcare.There is no service here. They don't clean up here. There are rats and spiders running around here. Towels and old bed linen will never be changed here. Almost all rooms here have access to the construction site. There are old and broken air conditioners here. It's terribly cold here in winter. Here you can get infected with fleas in your bed. Wi-Fi is expensive and never works here. The TVs don't work here. There is no hot water here. Location is so bad - 21st beach and near the construction
Bianka Zsófia BenedekBianka Zsófia Benedek
16:36 30 Sep 23
‼️‼️‼️Rooms are dirty, there are bugs in them and when we arrived ,there was six less places than we booked because other guestst renewed their booking with +1 is almost every time cold, some of our members got food poisoning and get in hospital because of it, one broke 2 fingers on her foot because of poor maintenance of the ladder in the pool...don't recommend this hotel at all.Only advantage is the beach, it's close and beautiful, and just for info, it's wavy every day...😁🌊
Szabina CzagaSzabina Czaga
20:19 17 Sep 23
I was not really satisfied with this hotel. I have to paid for the wifi what is all right but I had to pay separatly every device 20 euro for a week. The room was smelly. Location was good anyway,close to the beach and shops. The food was not bad I really enjoyed go to the restaurant because I got great service from the staff. Mainly Hakan Chef was so friendly. He served great grills and kebabs.
Naveed FakharNaveed Fakhar
09:37 04 Sep 23
I recently booked a stay at the Kleopatra Ada Hotel in Antalya through a well-known booking website, and let me tell you, it turned out to be a disastrous decision. Despite being marketed as a 4-star establishment located near Kleopatra Beach, my experience was far from what I expected.Upon checking in, I was immediately disappointed. The hotel rooms were cramped and seemed like they hadn't been updated in ages. It was evident that the management had neglected the upkeep of the place. The rooms were far from clean, with visible dirt and dust in various corners. The curtains on the windows were damaged, which not only looked unsightly but also affected the room's privacy and lighting.The bathroom was another major issue. It was in a deplorable condition, with mold and grime in several places. Hygiene should be a top priority for any hotel, especially one claiming to be of a 4-star standard. It was evident that they had failed in maintaining even basic cleanliness standards.When I decided to address these concerns with the manager, I was met with an appalling attitude. Not only was he unhelpful, but he also seemed disinterested in resolving the issues I raised. It's essential for a hotel to have a responsive and customer-oriented management team, and the Kleopatra Ada Hotel was sorely lacking in this department.In a desperate attempt to get the issues resolved, I reached out to the booking app operator, providing them with videos and photographs as evidence of the appalling conditions. To my disbelief, it took the hotel a staggering four days to respond to the app operator, and when they finally did, they outright denied all my objections. This was a clear indication of their unwillingness to take responsibility for their shortcomings.Given the subpar conditions and the hotel's unwillingness to address them, I made the decision to check out and switch to another hotel on the very same day I checked in. It was a necessary but frustrating move, considering the time and effort wasted on this disappointing experience.To anyone considering booking a stay at the Kleopatra Ada Hotel in Antalya, I strongly advise against it. Don't waste your hard-earned money and, more importantly, don't let your precious holidays be ruined by such a subpar establishment. There are plenty of other options in the area that are sure to provide a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Save yourself the disappointment and choose wisely when planning your next trip.
Nikola DzambasovicNikola Dzambasovic
08:38 29 Aug 23
Hotel is 3.5 km far away from the center so who would like to go to center must use taxi which price is 5-6e, you must haggle with taxi drivers. Cleopatra beach is near but the entrance in the sea at the beach of the hotel is very dangerous because sea has a lot of rocks. So my advice is to go to the beach 16 or smaller(15...1 - here is the purest water)Rooms and terraces are very small. There is no enough space to sit on the terrace. Food is very bad, every day same food. Only the kebab was perfect, kebab is served for the dinner only. A lot of people had diarrhea problem probably because the Turkish food which is very spicy. Turkish bath in the hotel I don't suggest, it is cheaper from the bath in the center but the massage in the center is much better. Internet and strongbox must pay additional. The pool is good for the kids. Pool depth is 160-170cm. Every day music on the pool is the same and it is too much loud. If you want to sleep near the pool it is not possible.Weather is very tough especially for the person who never had been in that weather conditions. Humidity is problem because it is very high especially in the July and August. It is better in the September, a locals said that.
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