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Väike hotelliala, hubased numbritoad. Sobib perepuhkuseks ja rahulikuks puhkuseks noortele. Hotelliala ja kogu hotelli infrastruktuur on kahel hoonel ühine. Villades elavad puhkajad saavad kasutada kogu hotelliala.
Välibassein soojendatud.


65 km kaugusel Antalya lennujaamast, 8 km kaugusel Kemeri linnast, Camyuva külakeses; Main Building –50 m kaugusel, Annex hoone –100 m kaugusel, Villa – 800 m kaugusel merest, teisel pool teed.


Ehitatud 2007. aastal, üldpindala 16 000 m2, kus viimane renoveerimine toimus 2023. aastal.

Hotellikompleks koosneb ühest 4-korruselisest Main Building hoonest, 4-korruselisest Annex hoonest ning 6-st 2-korruselisest Villast.

Main Building:

191 Standard Main room (neist 3 tuba erivajadustega inimestele, max. 3+1 in., 25–30 m2).

15 kahetoalist Family room (2 magamistuba, vaheuks, max. 4+1 in., 35–43 m2).

30 Main Building Room Without Balcony (ilma rõduta, max. 2 pax., 20-22 m2).

Annex Building:

133 Standard Annex room (neist 1 numbrituba erivajadustega inimestele, max. 3 in., 20–25 m2).


6 kahekorruselist villat (1.korrusel: välibassein ja aed, elutuba, köök; 2.korrusel: 3 magamistuba, vaheuksed, 3 dušiga vannituba, max. 5+2 in., 180 m2).

Majutus lemmikloomaga: kuni 7 kg (tasuline, 10 eur öö)


  •  Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas:: tasuta
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta
  •  rannabaar:: tasuta
  •  oma
  •  liiva-kiviklibune


  •  restoranid: 1 (1 main building)
  •  baarid: 5 (3 main building, 2 anex, 1 rannas)
  •  sisebasseinid: 1
  •  basseinid: 3 (1 main building, 1 anex)
  •  spaa-keskus
  •  konverentsisaalid: 1 (120-150 inimesele)
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  veeliumäed: 2 (ainult main building)
  •  pesumaja
  •  arst väljakutsel
  •  Wi-Fi olemas (lobbys -, territooriumil – lisatasu eest): tasuta
  •  päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  juuksur
  •  kauplused


  •  seif: toas,: 
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: 2 korda nädalas
  •  põrand: laminaat
  •  televiisor: olemas (kaabel-tv)
  •  dušš (anex ja villa)
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer: individuaalne
  •  minibaar (vesi 1,5l – täidetakse igapäevaselt): tasuta
  •  rõdu mitte kõigis tubades
  •  telefon
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi,: 

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  petang: tasuta
  •  veepolo: tasuta
  •  saun: tasuta
  •  aurusaun: tasuta
  •  noolemäng: tasuta
  •  võimlemine: tasuta
  •  massaaž: 
  •  türgi saun (hammam): tasuta
  •  minigolf: tasuta
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  rannavõrkpall: tasuta
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  vesiaeroobika: tasuta
  •  soolakamber: 


  •  lapsehoidja teenus:: 
  •  lasteklubi: tasuta
  •  laste menüü restoranis
  •  laste basseinid: 2

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  lapsevanker:: 


  •  UAI


  •  Villa
  •  Main Building Room with Balcony
  •  Anex Building Room
  •  Main Building Family Room
  •  Main Building Room without Balcony
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Tülay ÖzdenTülay Özden
14:05 13 Apr 24
We have been coming for years, the service is very good, in fact I am writing from the hotel right now.
Bex BexBex Bex
06:24 11 Apr 24
New hotel. Cleaning every day. The cuisine is varied and tasty. Top price. 3 swimming pools. We really liked it
Erol SolakErol Solak
04:49 09 Apr 24
Jelena LescinskieneJelena Lescinskiene
15:45 07 Apr 24
We stopped by on the second day of the start of the season. Definitely not a five star hotel. However, the room was clean and fresh. Beautiful view of the sea and mountains. It should be taken into account that the beginning of the season is very different from autumn or summer. The food is varied. Lots of vegetables, fruits: regular apples, oranges, pears. Meat is mainly chicken and fish. Sometimes lamb, turkey. On the beach every day there is pita, vegetables, drinks. The hotels are not fully occupied, the sea is still cool, but swimming is quite comfortable. Very nice staff. The animators gave their 100% effort. The most positive impression from the spa center specialists. The massage is great! I recommend!Again: it's the beginning of the season! The freshest, greenest, most fun time!
Altaf ArsiwalaAltaf Arsiwala
21:01 19 Dec 23
Rooms - spacious & good. Opt for pool facing views. But what the heck, I took an all out package with bfast, lunch, dinner. With such a premium selection of the package at ur hotel, u won't offer internet service in rooms and ask us to pay differently for it ?Food - breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner, all were very good with a nice spread of variety. Desserts were the bestLocation - just across the beach so you can do all sorts of activities.Pool - children pool with slides was a major attraction for the children
The hotel is nice, quite clean, the employees are nice and the pools are quite big and clean. The thing that we totally disliked was the food. Besides the fried stuffs, 90% of the food had no taste, it was just like someone has put the ingredients in a pot and boiled them together without any condiments. If you have a room with land view, be prepared to have fun until 11 o'clock, that's when the party ends every night :)
10:11 25 Aug 23
The hotel is weak, very loud russian music plays on the beach. A woman with a microphone (host) shouts over this music in a terrible voice and tries to say something. it was very terrible. We didn't want to listen it, so we went to the beach of another hotel. Too much rus music. Why the hotel don’t play English songs?-_- I will never come here again and I will not recommend this hotel to anyone. Bye
Alejandro FernándezAlejandro Fernández
22:22 12 Jun 23
Definitely, the hotel is not a 5 Stars Hotel. Something between 3 or 4 stars. Based on our experience, many things are not at the level of a 5 star Hotel.In the entire hotel, there is only one bar with cocktails (open until 23:00) and there are long queues of people constantly. They only give two cocktails per person each time you go to order. The drinks are provided in plastic glasses.The food was not bad, but there was no variety. It is far from being considered a 5-star buffet. You won't starve, but very repetitive all the food.The snack bar on the beach doesn't work if something is wrong with the weather… the only things, which they offer is pizza (it's delicious) or shawarma.In the official description of the hotel, it was indicated that the beach was 50 meters from the hotel, which is not true, because it is at least three or four times that distance. There is no sand at all, just stones.All staff are designed for Russian-speaking clients. For example, I asked for a knife and fork in English at the restaurant and they didn't understand me… I had to make gestures or use “body language” in order to have a communication with them…The cleaning was poor for a 5-star hotel. The cleaning consisted of taking out the garbage and changing the towels. We found rubbish on the corners of the restaurants and in the corridors of the hotel.If, even though all of the above, you decide to stay at this hotel for your holidays, up to you, but we would liketo recommend you another thing accordingly to our experience: Do not book it through Anex, if you don’t want to have a horrible experience, service and treatment.Good things about the hotel: The animation is not bad, the photographers are not expensive and they are making really good pictures.
18:18 06 Jun 23
Friendly staff.One of the pools was heated, so at this time of the season (April) we were still able to use the pool.Got a room with a nice view ( sea and pool view).The rooms, facilities and all areas were clean.Kids liked the play areas. The beach is just around 2 mins walk from the hotel.Sauna & steam room were free to access.Communication was very challenging as most staff were unable to speak English except the ones at reception.Many instructions were only in Russian as most guests seemed to be from Russia. The animations / programs were not in English and I felt like I was an odd man out :)The pool with slides were not heated, so didn't use that pool much as it was cold at this time of the season.
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