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Miarosa Incekum Beach 5*

Hotell asub Incekumi külas, 25 km kaugusel Alanya keskusest. Antalya lennujaam asub hotellist 100 km kaugusel, Gazipasa lennujaam 65 km kaugusel.


Hotell avati 2005.aastal, viimane renoveerimine toimus 2021. aastal. Hotell koosneb kahest 6-korruselisest liftiga hoonest. Territooriumi kogupindala on 11 000 m2.

Hotell majutab piiratud liikumisvõimega külalisi, saadaval on ka ratastoolid (lisatasu eest).


Oma liivarand asub hotellist 20 m kaugusel (üle tee mööda maa-alust käiku).

Ranna pikkus on 70 m.

Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud, rannarätikud – tasuta.

Baar rannas (10.00-17.00, kohalikud alkohoolsed ja mittealkohoolsed joogid, 1 import viski).



  • välibassein, 400 m2
  • veepark, 2 liumäge, 200 m2
  • pearestoran 400 inimesele
  • 4 baari


Hotellis on 234 tuba.

  • dušš
  • kliimaseade
  • TV
  • seif (tasuta)
  • telefon
  • minibaar (vesi iga päev)
  • sussid
  • Wi-Fi (tasuta)

Põrandakate: Laminaat.

Toa koristamine: Iga päev.

Voodipesu vahetamine: 3 korda nädalas.

Rätikute vahetamine: Iga päev.


UAI- ultra kõik hinnas (24 tundi)

Kontseptsioon sisaldab: hommikusöök, hiline hommikusöök, lõuna – ja õhtusöök – Rootsi laud, suupisted, magustoidud, saiakesed ja jäätis-teatud kellaaegadel, dieedipuhvet, hilisõhtune suupiste, kohalikud alkohoolsed ja karastusjoogid ning 1 tüüp imporditud Viskit.

A‘La Carte restoran-peatudes alates 7 ööst, üks külastus tasuta, broneeringu alusel.

Toateenindus 24 tundi, joogid väljaspool kontseptsiooni-lisatasu eest.

Sport ja meelelahutus

  • meelelahutusprogrammid
  • elav muusika
  • jõusaal
  • noolemäng
  • rannavõrkpall
  • aeroobika, vesiaeroobika
  • lauatennis
  • tennis (valgustus ja varustus lisatasu eest)
  • korvpall
  • diskoteek
  • veesport (lisatasu eest)

Ilu ja tervis

  • SPA keskus
  • massaaž, koorimine (lisatasu eest)
  • hamam, saun, aurusaun (tasuta)


  • laste välibassein, 2 liumäge, 32 m2
  • miniklubi (4-12 aastat)
  • meelelahutusprogrammid
  • minidisko
  • mänguväljak
  • lastepott, jalatugi (nõudmisel)
  • lastebuffee
  • lastetoolid restoranis
  • lapsevanker (lisatasu eest)
  • lapsehoidja (lisatasu eest)
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Miarosa İncekum Beach
Based on 1835 reviews
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Erkan AbiErkan Abi
18:26 09 Apr 24
Everything is perfect, it's a really nice hotel. Be sure to visit the hotel spa and the scrub and foam massage service is great with its friendly staff.
Cemil CilaCemil Cila
07:54 03 Apr 24
06:33 26 Mar 24
Yasin KayaYasin Kaya
18:40 22 Mar 24
I'm talking about the 2023 season. First of all, it has nothing to do with the room in the image, you may not find what you expect in that regard. You can access the sea through an underpass, but it's not a big deal, we can say it's right by the sea, the beach is perfect, there are no problems, I go to hotels in the Incekum region every summer anyway, other places are not for me. Don't mind those who don't like the food, we loved it, especially the Turkish night was excellent, hope you come across it. It gets crowded at meal times, you may have difficulty finding a table, I recommend you take precautions in advance, you can leave your towel or belongings in advance. You can drink any kind of alcohol you want at the lobby bar and pool bar. The price is sufficient in terms of performance. If you want more, please choose more expensive hotels. It is satisfactory for a middle-income family.
Ema BaltrusaiyteEma Baltrusaiyte
21:00 03 Oct 23
I visited this hotel in the fall (to be precise, September 16-21). since it was not my first trip to Turkey, I knew what to expect. since you are reading this comment, I think that you will also be interested in my experience, because I did not read what I experienced in this hotel in any comment.First of all, upon arrival at the hotel, I was greeted by a warm administrator. since we arrived in the morning around 9 o'clock. like any other hotel, getting a room had to wait. however, it didn't last as long as it could have. the rooms are neat and tidy, cleaned daily if needed.Bars, as in the hotel description, open according to the required time (or all day). the alcohol is very good and strong, I wouldn't say it's Turkish like in other hotels, you can really feel the degrees in the alcohol.All staff are very friendly and helpful, they speak English and Russian.Programs are held every day apart from Sundays, but the evening program is really fun and the people who work on it put a lot of work into making people feel good at the hotel.Speaking of the water, the water at the pool is excellent, there are 3 pools with indicated depths, the water does not stink, there is no smell of chlorine, you can always find a sunbed near them, there was no problem, the sea and the beach are perfect, no stones not only on the beach but also in the sea itself. The food, like in any other hotel in Turkey, is really not impressive, but I didn't taste everything and it wasn't like I wasn't hungry, so I rate the food well.One negative about the room is that the bathroom needs updating, they are not tragic. You can really shower perfectly, the water is not clogged in the shower cabin, but the tiles are arranged unevenly and are already a little limescale.However I don't think that this is a big problem that should make you not choose this hotel, because many hotels in Turkey have the same problem.The best wishes from Lithuania are sent to Yusuf, the kalyan master, for his warm welcome and company during the whole trip, if you ever go to this hotel, make sure to meet this unique personality.If you are still in doubt, I really recommend this hotel, especially if you want a good youthful time and rest.Best wishes.
10:11 01 Oct 23
Hotel stuff is very helpful and nice. Hotel is clean and the food is delicious. There’s a lot of animations like karaoke, live music, water gym bingo. All the barmans makes good drinks, but Yunus makes the best ones. I defenitely would came back here, time at the pool was spent actively thanks to Erkan,aybek, guga and Kambar.
Julia AugustJulia August
11:01 30 Sep 23
Great time. Drinks really tasty. Animators are really helpful and kind. We had a amazing time here. Thanks for Erkan, Guga, Sanzhar, Aibek, Kamber and barman Yunus ;))
Roksana SzwejdaRoksana Szwejda
12:10 29 Sep 23
Great time. Animators are really helpful and kind. We had a amazing time here. Thanks for Erkan, Aybek and Kambar
Marius GoreaMarius Gorea
15:37 05 Aug 23
Miarosa incekum beach is not one of those amazing luxury hotels, but judging from my own experience only I would hold it in high regard. Starting with the pro's, the beach is simply amazing and the water is incredibly clean and warm. The staff are for the most part polite and friendly, especially if you are courteous enough to greet them and thank them in Turkish. Mehmet Bașar, the front desk manager of the hotel is one of the most helpful, trustworthy, honest and well mannered people I've ever met among hotel management so special thanks to him for his hospitality. The room we stayed in was brilliant, we had no problems whatsoever.Me and my friends did not actually find anything to actually get mad at. Some things are just not great but taking the price into consideration it is reasonable to let some things slide. Among those: the tennis table is sort of old(although it didn't affect us having a ton of fun playing), there are some dogs on the beach and some cute cats on the grounds of the hotel (they are not aggressive or anything, they're just chilling there so it's only a bit strange but nothing serious). Drinks are somewhat mediocre but I'd say they're good enough to have something to sip while chilling. The gym is not impressive but who goes to a hotel to work out anyway. I found the food nice enough, especially because I like eating vegetables, fresh and cooked, of which there is an abundance, but you would have to keep an eye out for good meat, even though we've had some really tasty veal, chicken and turkey there. Multitude of bars, including the one on the beach where you can grab some water is really nice.All in all I'd say that if you want to swim in the sea and have some good company this hotel is a perfect budget choice. I will treasure the memories of our trip there forever.
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