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Miarosa Kemer Beach 5*

Hotell asub Kemeri kesklinnast 7 km kaugusel, Antalya linnast 40 km kaugusel. Antalya lennujaam asub hotellist 55 km kaugusel.


Hotell asub Kemeri kesklinnast 7 km kaugusel, Antalya linnast 40 km kaugusel. Antalya lennujaam asub hotellist 55 km kaugusel.


Hotell avati 2007.aastal, viimane renoveerimine toimus 2015. aastal. Hotell koosneb kolmest 4-korruselisest liftiga hoonest. Territooriumi kogupindala on 60 000 m2.

Hotell majutab piiratud liikumisvõimega külalisi ja saadaval on ka ratastoolid (tasuta).


Oma liiva-ja kiviklibune rand asub hotellist üle tee, mööda maa-alust käiku.

Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud, rannarätikud – tasuta.


  • lõõgastus välibassein, 1050 m2
  • veepark, 6 veeliumäge, 900 m2
  • tegevusbassein, 900 m2
  • välibassein, 300 m2
  • restoran
  • lobby baar, Ameerika baar, basseinibaar, diskobaar, rannabaar, lõõgastusbaar, restoranibaar
  • amfiteater



  • vann
  • vannitarvikud
  • kliimaseade
  • TV
  • seif (tasuta)
  • Wi-Fi (lisatasu eest)
  • telefon
  • minibaar (vesi iga päev)
  • lisavoodi 90 x 190

Põrandakate: Keraamiline plaat.

Toa koristamine: Iga päev.

Voodipesu vahetamine: 3 korda nädalas.

Rätikute vahetamine: 3 korda nädalas.


UAI – ultra kõik hinnas (24 tundi)

Kontseptsioon sisaldab: hommikusöök, hiline hommikusöök, lõuna – ja õhtusöök – Rootsi laud, suupisted, gözleme, saiakesed, magustoidud ja jäätis-kindlatel kellaaegadel, öine puhvet, kohalikud alkohoolsed ja karastusjoogid.

Imporditud joogid, pudelijoogid, värskelt pressitud mahlad, vesipiip – lisatasu eest.

AI – kõik hinnas (01.11.2023-19.11.2023).

Sport ja meelelahutus

  • jõusaal
  • korvpall
  • noolemäng, boccia
  • rannavõrkpall
  • aeroobika, vesiaeroobika
  • disko (tasuta)
  • veepall
  • mini jalgpall
  • lauatennis
  • step tantsutunnid
  • tennis (valgustus puudub, varustus on lisatasu eest)
  • meelelahutusprogrammid, etendused
  • elav muusika

Ilu ja tervis

  • SPA keskus
  • massaaž, koorimine (lisatasu eest)
  • hamam, saun (tasuta)
  • ilusalong (lisatasu eest)


  • 3 laste välibasseini, 30, 100 ja 900 m2
  • 6 veeliumäge
  • miniklubi (4-12 aastat)
  • meelelahutusprogrammid
  • mänguväljak
  • lastetoolid restoranis
  • voodi (nõudmisel)
  • lastepott (nõudmisel)
  • lapsehoidja (lisatasu eest)

Promo Room

29 m2, rõdu, vaade aiale, max. 2+1 inimest.

Standard Room

29 m2,  rõdu, vaade ümbrusele, max. 2+2 / 1+3 inimest.

Large Room With Seperator

35 m2, avar ruum vaheseinaga (kaheinimesevoodi ja 2 üheinimesevoodit), 1 vannituba, rõdu, vaade ümbrusele, max. 3+1 inimest.

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Miarosa Kemer Beach
Based on 1903 reviews
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Beyza OdabasBeyza Odabas
13:18 01 Jul 24
The food is beyond AWFUL. We ate the same things for a week. There is no variety and zero taste. There is no hygiene, the rooms are old and there is no bathroom kit.Cats are wandering around everywhere, including restaurant and dining tables. We were not satisfied.
esra çürenesra çüren
12:09 01 Jul 24
The hotel is not as seen in the photo, it is divided into two, half of which belongs to another hotel, the aqua park is not as in the photo, there are 3 slides. Also, every day something new is charged, the pool you enter one day becomes charged the next day, you have to queue for an hour for the ultra all-inclusive meal, and it says night meal, but they only serve leftovers from dinner. It is not clear whether the pools are cleaned or not.
Pavel AnjuhhinPavel Anjuhhin
10:39 01 Jul 24
Let us leave our opinion, we were there from June 22 to 29, four of us, two adults and 15 and 11 year old children. For everyone who just wants to throw money away, the right place is Miarosa Kemer Beach.We were lucky when we checked in and were offered a room on the first floor with a private pool and this was the only plus, then there were only disappointments. We are not picky but Miarosa is the bottom...Of the minuses- The rooms are dirty (they clean them every day, but they wipe them with the same cloth as the floors)- The sewage system is not done correctly, the room stinks.- The food is monotonous all week, by the 3-4th day you already get bored. Everything is the same.- There is always a line in the dining room except for lunch.- It’s very noisy/humming with a lot of people, if the room is on the first floor, be prepared for people to walk by and yell, you won’t be able to sleep at night.- Internet in the lobby is simply 0, you have to buy it.- The hotel pool is muddy, I don’t know if they clean it at all or not, we didn’t dare swim in it.- The pool in the room is clean, but it was cleaned once in a week and then it wasn’t cleaned well.- In general, cleaning of the territory occurs in the sense of “it will do”- The dishes need to be checked before you put food in them, they are often dirty (the dishwasher didn’t wash them well)- The repair was carried out according to the principle of a blunder- There are no signs with the program (when what and where)- Animation, minus 10 out of 10 points- The show program wants the best, to put it mildly it’s boring, that is, it doesn’t exist.- Well, the biggest minus is that the whole life of the hotel takes place in the neighboring territory, nothing happens on the hotel territory (animation, snack bar, etc.)- There is simply no basketball court, like other courts, although they are stated to exist.- Of the 6 slides, only 3 are working- All children's entertainment: trampolines, excavator, etc. - Paid 5 dollars- The snack bar is located on the second territory by the sea, it is not very convenient to run there for a hamburger or fruit for children if you are swimming near the hotel.- You can smoke everywhere, it’s very unpleasant when people start smoking at lunch or dinner at the next table.- There are a lot of rude Turks.prosOf course there are few of them, but they exist- Large aqua town for children under 10 years old in the second territory- You can swim with fish or stingrays- You can swim with sharks but for money- Access to the sea with sun loungers is beautiful- The service staff is very goodTo the question whether we will return or not, definitely NO. The hotel is not worth the money and time spent.
Actually, I'm in Dayma biz.
Zeynep Damla BostanZeynep Damla Bostan
18:22 30 Jun 24
IWe were deceived by the photos and made a reservation 3 months ago, under the name "Ultra All Inclusive".It was a complete disgrace when we went. The hotel is called seafront, but the photos are not like that. There is a way, you can never send children separately. The hotel manager also gave a treat saying that if you don't like it, you can change the hotel. Cleaning and hygiene was specific to the reception only. The food is almost the same every day and you are constantly waiting in line and the finished meal is never replaced. The aqua and beach areas of the HOTEL are separate and people from outside, that is, day trippers, were entering the separate section, which was very disturbing. Groups of men were coming to the family hotel daily.Many employees never have a smiling face. “Mr. Can from the animation team, except for Mr. Bora, they could not pay attention to the animation as there were 20/30 lifeguards in the hotel. All the burden was on Mr. Can and Mr. Bora, but there is no problem with their attention and care. “The only good thing about the hotel is “SPA, since it does not belong to the hotel, the staff, cleanliness, everything was quite nice.”
Adam D.Adam D.
12:13 07 May 24
The graeat hotel. Very good food. Kingdo of Sea being part of the hotel does the great job. Wonderfully spent 10 days. Below is my review concerning the Focus Spa which is in the hotel. At first I was reluctant to go as I treated a massage as un unnecessary attraction during holiday. However after taking recommendation from my friend and after good price offer from Ibrahim (yes he can do that :-) I decided to give it a try. And I was positively surprised by the approach. Diyar (really the great physiotherapist) took care of me and after first massage he identified all my spine and muscles failures and proposed with Ibrahim a 5-7 messages therapy to fix it. I agreed and it was very right decision. I also recommended it to my wife who also received very individual diagnosis. These guys are true professionals, not only massagists but very competent physiotherapists. Every session was different like there was really a scheme performed personally for my body and my issues with it. Sometimes I was massaged by 2 or 3 people, my body condition was professionally discussed among them for applying the best method, I really feel better. Besides, the ambiance is great, the people working there exceptional, the boss presents very pro customer approach. They even threw a surprise birthday party for my wife with the cake etc. Really the great experience worth every minute definitely to be repeated. Besides on behalf of me and my wife thank you guys all for making our stay in Turkey so memorable!!
Aida HasanbegovicAida Hasanbegovic
09:18 19 Aug 23
If you want Internet you have to pay 12€ for 7 Days, otherwise you can have Internet only in the Lobby.Kind people working in the hotel, but the hotel is a bit old, big room for improvement. Value for money is not fair.
Pavle JankovicPavle Jankovic
09:19 17 Aug 23
The honest review of this hotel is 2+. The hotel does not match a 5-star hotel. Very rude employees who work at the bar, when they see a child they deliberately leave him waiting for 15 minutes for a drink. The food is the same every day and after 3 days you get sick of the same food. Employees force people to write reviews, that the hotel is 5 stars, but to complain to the employee what is wrong with the hotel. Of course you can't give 4 stars, you have to give all 5. But if they don't like your review, they take your phone and write their review, as they like it (of course they put their name in the review and decorate the review as if they are kissing your feet when you enter the hotel.) Half of the employees do not know English, those who do, speak a total of 3 words. The beach is all rocky and the entrance is very very bad and you hurt your feet while entering the sea. All in all, avoid this hotel or avoid it if you plan to spend your summer here. Everything is expensive and only the air they don't charge you for. The rooms are like on excursions and the shower cabins are full of mold. They don't change towels but give you dirty ones (under the pretext that the hotel has no money and buys new towels all the time, they probably haven't heard of a washing machine). Half of what you have in the papers is not there. Employees (younger) ask tourists (girls teenagers) for instagram while on shift. Electricity and water often go out, and when the water comes, there is no hot water. The internet is very very bad. RUN AWAY FROM THE HOTEL!
jawad kharboushjawad kharboush
05:48 07 Aug 23
The worst hotel I have tried ever.Rooms are totally uncomfortable, nothing is working, phone, safebox shower,... Etc. Nothing works. You have to keep going by walk to the reception asking for technical person to fix the issues. My room door was locked and I waited for more than half an hour for the technical person to open it. He broke it by the end and they change my room and that was in middle of night, I packed my stuff and carried them to the other room without any help.
Murat OzdemirMurat Ozdemir
08:32 19 Jun 23
We stayed in Family Room and it was awful!! Broken AC, broken phone, and dirty beds. Also they don't change towels everyday unless you insist. Food was "not bad, not good" (you get what you've paid).I would not recommend this place, and definately would not stay again.
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