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Väike, hubane linnahotel panoraamvaatega merele ja Mirabello lahele. Asub Agios Nikolaose kesklinnas, sisustatud kaasaegses stiilis. Jalutuskäigu kaugusel on kauplused, suveniiripoed, baarid ja tavernid. Sobib noortele, lasteta peredele, samuti neile, kes kavatsevad aktiivselt saarel ringi reisida.


Agios Nikolaos linnas, 69 km kaugusel Heraklioni lennujaamast. Bussipeatus 100 meetri kaugusel.Õhtune meelelahutus: Agios Nikolaos (50 m).


Hotell täielikult renoveeritud 2013-2014 aasta talvel.

Hotell koosneb ühest 8-korruselisest hoonest, kaks lifti.

Kokku 96 numbrituba:

Room town view (vaade ümbrusele, 2 üheinimesevoodit (kaheinimesevoodi päringu alusel), lisa diivanvoodi(210 x 90 cm), max 3 in., 16-20 m2);

Room SSV (külgmerevaade, 2 üheinimesevoodi (kaheinimesevoodi päringu alusel), lisa diivanvoodi(210 x 90 cm), max 3 in., 18-25 m2);

Room SV (merevaade, 2 üheinimesevoodi (kaheinimesevoodi päringu alusel), lisa diivanvoodi(210 x 90 cm), max 3 in., 17-22 m2);

Room Panoramic SV (panoraam merevaade, 2 üheinimesevoodi (kaheinimesevoodi päringu alusel), max 2 in., 20 m2).

Кrediitkaardimakse: Visa, Master Сard, Maestro

Rahaautomaat: 250m hotellist

Majutus lemmikloomaga: ei


  •  suur kiviklibu (üle tee aktiivse liiklusega)
  •  avatud rannajoon
  •  päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid rannas:: 
  •  rätikud rannas: ei ole

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  lastetoolid restoranis päringu alusel
  •  beebivoodi: päringu alusel,: tasuta

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  piljard: 
  •  massaaž: 
  •  jõusaal (mitte suur): tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  jalgrattarent: 


  •  seif: toas, (elektrooniline): 
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: 2 korda nädalas
  •  põrand: laminaat
  •  minikülmik olemas
  •  rõdu
  •  dušš
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer:: tasuta
  •  TV: satelliit
  •  rätikute vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  •  telefon
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi,: tasuta


  •  restoranid: 1
  •  baarid: 2
  •  basseinid: 1 (mitte suur, avatud)
  •  konverentsisaalid: 1
  •  vastuvõtt
  •  TV-tuba
  •  päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid basseini ääres: (rannarätikud puuduvad): tasuta
  •  pagasi hoiuruum
  •  riiete triikimine: tasuta
  •  arst väljakutsel: 
  •  Wi-Fi: tasuta
  •  valuutavahetus
  •  pesula: 


  •  lastele eraldatud osa täiskasvanute basseinis



  •  Room Panoramic Sea View
  •  Room Sea View
  •  Room Town View
  •  Room Side Sea View
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Mistral Bay
Based on 665 reviews
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Daria TitovaDaria Titova
20:29 15 May 24
Before you come here just keep in mind that is a Town hotel, it’s not about beach resort, although it’s located goodly and you can reach different beaches around you pretty quickly. This is not 4 star hotel for sure, it’s 3, but the personal is really good and kind, especially Tatiana! She is the best part of our stay and of this hotel!!! The food is good in our opinion even if there is no 100 of different dishes. The pool is tiny and the pool area as well. Not many activities, but there is town and restaurants nearby. Rooms are clean and good, one minus about it - missing hygiene supplies. At the end we liked it here but you will need at least 2 day for it.
Scarlett ArmstrongScarlett Armstrong
15:47 14 May 24
Very honest review as there were good and bad bits about this hotel. Long but hope this helps others!We arrived to a lot of steps which was very annoying considering we all had heavy cases to carry up. No help was offered and am unsure how anyone with limited mobility would tackle it.Upon entering, we saw the pool that is very small with limited sun beds / seating around it. The pool is also cold and the sun is only in the area for a few hours in the morning as it is all enclosed. The two lifts were very small and slow.The room was nice, comfy beds, clean and a nice view of the sea. However the balcony was tiny as half of it was taken up with an air conditioning unit and had no furniture. The shower was nice but it took a long time to heat up.Food was varied and was hit and miss. Breakfast was limited and fairly basic hot and cold bits. Lunch and dinner had a small selection - normally a meat dish, some sort of carbs, veg, a fish dish and then pasta and a sauce. Some bits were nice, not amazing but nice. Sometimes things lacked taste. Desserts were nice but limited choice.We were all inclusive and hoped drinks would be readily available but the bar downstairs was mostly closed and I only saw the rooftop bar open once. Also a very limited choice.Staff were mostly lovely - a younger man on reception was very helpful and gave good suggestions for places to go locally. An older man who worked on the bar also very friendly as well as the catering staff. One woman who worked on reception I would describe as blunt and cold - no customer service at all and occasionally borderline rude.Agios Nikolaos is a lovely place - lots of nice restaurants, a nice beach 15mins walk away and some good bars.We came in mid May and if you are looking for a buzz, I would come later in the year. It was very quiet and limited things were going on.Mixed review and although most staff were nice I wouldn’t come again.
Antonis XatzidakisAntonis Xatzidakis
19:51 11 Apr 24
Clean hotel with perfect service Willing & happy people. With a smile always & the receptionist TANZIL Serves all the wishes of the customers. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a good & quiet stay.
19:35 06 Jan 24
Vaerinia FitzgeraldVaerinia Fitzgerald
02:17 10 Dec 23
The rooms were not only impeccably clean but also thoughtfully designed, creating a cozy retreat. The proximity to the beach, just 80 meters away, was a dream, and having a private balcony with stunning views added a touch of magic to my stay. Hotel strikes the perfect balance between attentive service, cleanliness, and an unbeatable location for an unforgettable experience.
Son LeSon Le
03:09 21 Oct 23
I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional value it offered. The prices were quite reasonable, especially considering the quality of the rooms. The room I stayed in was clean, comfortable, and well-appointed, providing a cozy retreat after a long day of exploring. Recommended 100% to all.
Julie KingJulie King
21:39 02 Oct 23
I've read other reviews and I can see why some things have been said. However for me, my holiday was fantastic. On arrival we were greeted warmly by Tanzil. He welcomed us and let us have our first fun evening in the reception lounge. He went over and above to put my friend at ease with her health needs in our room. We found the hotel clean, well equipped and friendly. Yes the pool is small, but with beaches near by I can't see it as an issue. Everywhere was comfortable. My only issue that stopped me giving 5 stars was the bar. I used the all inclusive drinks once. Not great sadly! The drinks were not nice. Lack of choice didn't come into it, they were just bad. But we had our own bar and there are many drinking places near by. Everything is within minutes walk. The location is perfect. There are steps at the front, but the hotel staff are happy to help with luggage then you can go in and out the back way where there are fewer steps.The kitchen has a lot of bad feedback but I have to say, the young ladies in the kitchen are very welcoming. The breakfast is almost the same daily but the other two meals vary. Yes it's plain but with my diet, plain is perfect. We ate out occasionally but I personally was more than happy with all inclusive plain option in-between going out out. Also I met Sophia, a lovely young lady that spoke English well enough to understand my dietry need. I told her that I wouldn't need special made anything, I would just pick and choose what's there and avoid the sauce covered items as much as possible. I got told off once for taking from the top at the back lol, the language barrier meant I couldn't explain to the man what I was doing. I messed up his system!! No worries, on better things, every morning Sophia came out to me with a dish of oats without their normal mix to help me reduce my wheat intake. These little things go a long way. So overall, I found this hotel absolutely fine.
Susan RhodesSusan Rhodes
23:30 16 Jun 23
One of the top hotels I've ever stayed in Greece! Very clean rooms, amazing kind and friendly staff. The on-site restaurant offered a delicious buffet breakfast with a wide selection of dishes. Additionally, there was a convenience store within the hotel premises, making it convenient to purchase any necessities. Strongly recommended to everyone
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