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Pirates Beach Club 5*

Piraatide- ja mereteemalise stilistikaga klubihotell
Suur roheline territoorium mitmete puhkusevõimalustega ning lai rannaala
Ideaalne valik lastega peredele


  • Kaugus kuurordi keskusest on umbes 20 km (Kemer)
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 75 km (Antalya)
  • Mere ääres
  • Liiva-kiviklibu rannas

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse meelelahutusprogramme
  • Massaaž (lisatasu eest)
  • Saun
  • Lauatennis
  • Türgi saun
  • Veesport (lisatasu eest)
  • Noolemäng
  • Rannavõrkpall
  • Aeroobika
  • Vesivõimlemine
  • Korvpall
  • Minijalgpall
  • Jõusaal
  • Veeliumäedbasseinis
  • Hotellis on spaa-keskus (lisatasu eest)
  • Tenniseväljakud – 2


  • Disko
  • Arst (lisatasu eest)
  • Kauplused (lisatasu eest)
  • Juuksur (lisatasu eest)
  • Pesumaja (lisatasu eest)
  • Tubade arv – 268
  • Basseinid – 4
  • Baarid – 5
  • A’ la Carte restoranid – 3 (lisatasu eest)
  • Lamamistoolid basseini ääres
  • Lamamistoolid rannas
  • Päikesevarjud basseini ääres
  • Päikesevarjud rannas
  • Rannarätikud basseini ääres
  • Rannarätikud rannas
  • Hotellil ei ole ametlikku kategooriat
  • WiFi
  • Pearestoran
  • Hotelli tüüp puhkeküla


  • Lastebassein
  • Lapsehoidja (lisatasu eest)
  • Mänguväljak
  • Miniklubi
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse lastele meelelahutusprogramme


Ultra kõik hinnas

  • WC
  • Föön
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Toa suurus umbes 25 m²
  • Seif
  • Dušš
  • Rõdu
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Minibaar (täidetakse igapäevaselt – vesi)
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3+1
  • Seif
  • Televiisor
  • Telefon
  • WC
  • Rõdu
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Föön
  • Toa suurus umbes 45 m²
  • Hommikumantel
  • Sussid
  • Minibaar (täidetakse igapäevaselt – vesi ja karastusjoogid)
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 4

Hotelli kirjelduses märgitud toitu ja jooke serveeritakse hotelli juhtkonna poolt kehtestatud kontseptsiooni alusel lisatasu eest, sõltuvalt broneeritud toitlustustüübist.

Informatsioon hotelli kirjelduse, hotelli teenuste, nende aegade ja hindade kohta võib muutuda

(Sellel kodulehel leitavat informatsiooni haldab ja ajakohastab hotell. Reisikorraldajal puudub vastutus antud veebilehel avaldatud teabe kohta)

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Pirate's Beach Club
Based on 1575 reviews
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We are currently relaxing in this hotel, delicious food, friendly staff, our requests are instantly distracted, the children really like the mini club, special thanks to the animators!
Ali baran AÇIKGÖZAli baran AÇIKGÖZ
09:36 22 May 24
hamdi tonbulhamdi tonbul
16:25 20 May 24
I went on vacation with my wife and son to this facility, where I did my university internship in 1998, for nostalgia. 7-14 May 2024.I work as a manager in the tourism industry.Years later, Pirates Beach Club again became a very suitable holiday choice. We were not disappointed.All managers and staff, especially General Manager Mehmet Bey, are very sincere and do their job with all their heart. As an eye from the industry, I sincerely congratulate you.The facility is very nice, the rooms are comfortable, clean, the botanicals are wonderful, the pools and the beach are very good...Meals and breakfast appeal to both the eye and the palate.The variety and quality can always be better, but I am surprised how they keep the cost with these presentations in today's economic conditions. I think it is quite sufficient and the effort is spent.Alacarte service at the Snack Bar is very good, accompanied by delicious food and a perfect view.I congratulate the entire service team, especially the restaurant chef Hüseyin Bey.I congratulate the headmistress and the Mini club team, who helped my 5-year-old son have a fun time.Mini Disco entertainment, especially in the evenings, is great.I would like to thank the entire Pirates Beach Club family and congratulate them again.
Tetiana ChukhnoTetiana Chukhno
09:50 18 May 24
Mihaela CrnobrnjaMihaela Crnobrnja
08:53 15 May 24
The hotel is completely adapted for children
Viola HykajViola Hykaj
18:50 09 Nov 23
the worst hotel I've ever been to. reception staff very negative and unprofessional first manager and others. very arrogant. I had my worst experience with this hotel. my father got food poisoning. he passed into an infection, they took him by ambulance because he could not get rid of the pain he had. I paid £1000 to the hospital and they didn't say sorry once as a hotel, but they behaved even worse. they did not compensate us for even a small amount. The recommendation for this hotel is 0
07:40 14 Oct 23
Very nice Hotel, fine area. Beach with pebbles but ok. Food is good with a fine variation. Service is very good as long as you tip. Be Aware that this hotel is highly frequented by Russians!
Vojislav DimitrijevicVojislav Dimitrijevic
09:01 11 Oct 23
Very nice rooms, each with a terrace. Housekeeping service was good. The whole place was very cosy and quiet, although it was full of families with small children. Entertainment time in the evening has two main parts: mini-disco for children and more serious shows for the older audience and some shows were actually very interesting. Food was very very tasty (as expected for Turkey) and so were the fruits and vegetables. Desserts were just great, we were always ending up having one more than planned. The sea was very clean, probably thanks to the rocky bottom. Not a single jellyfish seen, but this could be due to the time of our visit (beginning of October). The waves weren't too big, but you can always opt for one of three pools. Overall, we have really enjoyed our 10-day stay.
Orsolya FazakasOrsolya Fazakas
04:12 09 Sep 23
Fabulous hotel! Always kept very clean by all these hard-working staff members! Food is absolutely delicious throughout the day, it cannot fault! Recommended for all but especially for families as there are lots & lots of organised events and shows for the little ones.
Ioana GheorghiuIoana Gheorghiu
11:17 06 Sep 23
We spent 10 nights in this hotel and really do not understand the good reviews.Firstly and most important, the hotel is NOT clean. Everything is dirty and old. Everyday cleaning in the room is a joke, the sheets and towels have yellow spots and holes on them. I have never seen sun beds more dirty then here. The pictures cannot do justice.The food seems good and there are plenty options for every taste, however after 2 days I got food poisoning and spend the next 2 days feeling very sick. Stay away from the un-washed fruits and vegetables. Drinks are bad quality. Also, they do not know or share the ingredients so it is a nightmare for a family with food allergies like us (but this is not the reason I give bad review since we have this issue in many locations)After being sick, we wanted to go to a boat trip. There is a ‘captain’ that walks around tourists and shares the available tours. 50 dolars for 3 hours boat tour, but there was no availability for the next days until our departure so we saw another place where the boats park just to the next hotel. Went there, price is half but the problem they cannot take tourists for our hotel as they have some sort of understanding. Went back to our hotel and they said to give them the money and they will find an option. SO, pay double to Pirate’s Beach so that they go and find a cheaper option but also gain something. This does not seem right, sorry but I have NO reason to do this. I have no problem with your offer, but you can’t deny me buying from another place. There are plenty of options in Tekyrova and thankfully they accepted all tourists. Just walk 5 min outside the hotel, do not pay the absurd price at this hotel. Also, the staff lied there is no bus to Kemer and tried to sell me some ‘friend’ ride. Ofc there is a bus, the station is in front of the hotel and it works just fine.Other than this, staff speaks mostly Russian and the service is not great. There are some nice people but most of them are rude, roll their eyes everytime you ask something and the manager Sinan Cetin to whom I talked was incredible arrogant.There are goods and bads everywhere but the World is large and here it is just not worth it.
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