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Mugavad, hubased ja kaasaegses stiilis numbritoad. Hea meelelahutusprogramm. Sobib aktiivseks puhkuseks nii noortele kui ka perepuhkuseks.


Asub 85 km Antalya lennujaamast, 35 km Alanyast, 8 km Avsallari külast, mere ääres.


2011.a ehitatud hotell, üldpindalaga 14 000 m2. Kosmeetilist remonti tehakse hotellis iga aasta.

Hotell koosneb ühest 7-korruselisest hoonest:

286 standard rooms (3 tuba erivajadustega inimestele, max. 3 in, 30 m2);

47 family rooms (ühetoaline, mis on jagatud 2-ks magamistoaks, voldikuks, max. 2+2 in., 35 m2);

17 jakuzi rooms (magamistuba, mullivanniga terrass, max. 3 in., 30 m2).


  •  seif: toas,: tasuta
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  •  põrand: vaipkate
  •  televiisor: olemas (kaabel-tv)
  •  dušš
  •  föön: olemas
  •  konditsioneer: üld
  •  minibaar (karastusjoogid, vesi – igapäevaselt tasuta): tasuta
  •  toateenindus:: 
  •  rõdu või terrass
  •  telefon

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  mänguautomaadid: 
  •  saun: tasuta
  •  piljard: 
  •  veesport: 
  •  massaaž: 
  •  türgi saun (hammam): tasuta
  •  diskoteek: tasuta
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta
  •  lauatennis: tasuta


  •  restoranid: 1 (pealmine)
  •  baarid: 5
  •  sisebasseinid: 1
  •  basseinid: 3 (avatud)
  •  spaa-keskus
  •  konverentsisaalid: 1 (50 ja 150 inimesele)
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres: tagatisega
  •  A la carte restoranid: 2 (itaalia, ottomani, kala – eelbroneerimisel, 1 külastus): tasuta
  •  arstikabinet
  •  veeliumäed: 2
  •  pesumaja
  •  Wi-Fi fuajees,: tasuta
  •  päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  juuksur
  •  kauplused


  •  miniklubi
  •  lastebassein: välibassein
  •  lapsehoidja teenus:: 
  •  mänguväljak
  •  laste puhvet
  •  sisebassein


  •  Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas:: tasuta
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta
  •  rannabaar:: tasuta
  •  oma
  •  liiva-kiviklibune


  •  UAI


  •  Standard
  •  Family Room
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Q Premium Resort Hotel
Based on 2931 reviews
powered by Google
Jogilė BJogilė B
19:26 18 Oct 23
This hotel is like 2 or 3 stars not 5! First of all, rooms are old fashioned, everything is broken and DIRTY! Not just rooms, but everywhere else in the hotel… Food is bad, its the same everyday, from meat its mostly just chicken, most of food is impossible to eat, disgusting, during breakfast even bread was MOLDY!!! We also got food poisoning.. It’s definitely not ULTRA all inclusive, all alcohol drinks are local, cocktails are bad, many people bought their own alcohol because it sucked. Something smells really bad by in/next to the beach bar🤢 location is not great also. You also start to wonder if you are in Russia or Turkey, because everyone talks just in Russian (all animations and stuff like that!), animator even made fun when someone asked to talk in English, spa worker also said we MUST speak russian because we are from Lithuania, how rude is that!!! This hotel needs a big renovation, because the only nice thing in there is lobby, but even there white couches are starting to get yellow. The biggest problem is hygiene, many people got sick of this disgusting food, dirt everywhere, they probably put leftover food everyday, it’s the worst experience in Turkey!!! I guess most of good reviews are fake.
Hayley TaylorHayley Taylor
18:02 06 Oct 23
*WARNING FOOD POISONING, HOSPITALISATION AND RUDE MANAGEMENT - THE EXPERIENCE OF A BRITISH COUPLE AT Q PREMIUM RESORT OCTOBER 2023*My boyfriend and I are currently at this hotel and have had a horrendous stay. We were excited to spend a week there, but our trip took a nightmarish turn just two days in. We both ended up hospitalized due to severe food poisoning caused by the horrendous food hygiene standards at the hotel.Not only did the food make us sick, but the staff and management displayed a complete lack of empathy and courtesy during our ordeal. We had to endure hospitalization and a seven-day course of three different antibiotics to recover. As a result, we're unable to enjoy the all-inclusive package we had paid for.What's most disheartening is the hotel management's refusal to acknowledge their responsibility in this ordeal. They dismiss our claims that their food caused our food poisoning, leaving us without any compensation for the suffering they caused or for the remainder of our stay. We even provided doctors reports that evidenced food poisoning, the treatment and medication we have been prescribed. However, they still refuse that this is a result of the hotels food.I strongly advise anyone considering this hotel to think twice and choose an establishment that prioritizes the safety and well-being of its guests. Our experience was not only distressing but also financially and emotionally draining. Stay away from this place if you value your health and peace of mind.There are hundreds of Google reviews that warn of food poisoning at this hotel. Please read these reviews and don’t make the same mistake as we did.
Robert ZahariaRobert Zaharia
14:12 21 Sep 23
I just came back from the q premium hotel and I want to say that after 8 years of going to Turkey, this was the most horrible experience I've had. I paid for ultra all inclusive but they don't know what is the difference between all inclusive and ultra all inclusive, they didn't have any imported drinks but only alcoholic drinks which were a mess. the food is bad and not at all differentiated, in 7 days I saw 80% of the same food every day, the services are a disgrace, the towels in the bathroom were changed twice, the hotel staff are very rude and you think you are offending them if you ask them something, a lot of people don't speak English, the sunbeds on the beach and at the pool were insufficient, and to make everything complete the covered canopies at the pool and at the beach were at extra cost, if you wanted bottled water you had to go to the beach bar because in the lobby you could only take by the glass, in the minibar in the room you had four juices and two mineral waters for free only on the first day and for the other days you have to pay, the juices in the dispenser are of poor quality. the beach with stones, the entrance to the water very steep and the same with many stones. the free internet is almost non-existent, as well as the paid internet that works only in the room. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone and I never want to hear of this name again
20:02 09 Sep 23
I came to this hotel hoping for a relaxing vacation, but it has been impossible due to the influx of guests from Russia. No one seems to monitor their excessive drinking every evening, and their behavior is appalling. They show no respect for the other guests around them. If the hotel's policy doesn't change in this regard, they should consider closing down
Jozef PavaciJozef Pavaci
16:53 05 Sep 23
Personaly very dissapointed.I was at the hotel for 6 nights.Hotel is very old. They should work in everything, first of all they should start cleaning the place. The carpet between the rooms smells like ... When entered in the room assigned to me i found hair everywhere eventhough they said the room was cleaned.The food is literally awful. Mostly conserved things and trust me you should smell everithing before eating.In the buffet you can smell sour odors caused by the food, same thing at the beach bar.I heard for people get food poisoned and i didn't belive until my friend got poisoned from the food.I am writing this review to help other guests not to have the vacations ruined like mine!Worst vacation ever!!!ps. Hope someone from the hotel reads this and take action
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