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Arenenud infrastruktuuriga suur hotell. Haljastatud hotelliala, avarad numbritoad. 2011.aastal avati veeliumäed nii lastele kui ka täiskasvanutele. Hotellis on erinevad a la carte restoranid ja baarid. Hotellil on oma liivarand. Läheduses ilus korallriff. Sobib ökonoomseks perepuhkuseks ja puhkuseks noortele.


Asub 15 km kaugusel Sharm El Sheikh’i lennujaamast, 22 km kaugusel Naama Bays’t ja 27 km kaugusel Vana Sharmist, Nabq Bay piirkonnas, mere ääres.


Avatud 2006. aastal.

Koosneb ühekorruselisest peahoonest (ainult vastuvõtt) ja 3-korruseliste hoonete kompleksist.

Hotellis on kokku 780 numbrituba.

Standard Room (back view, max 2 + 1 või 3 in., vann või dušš, rõdu või terrass, 44 m2). Ainult võimalik vaid üks lisavoodi – lahtikäiv voodi.

Deluxe Pool Room (pool view, mahub 2+1 või 3 in., vann, rõdu või terrass, 44 m2). Ainult võimalik vaid üks lisavoodi – lahtikäiv voodi.

Family Bunkbed ( max 2+2 in., üks tuba, kaheinimese voodi ja narivoodi, 46 m2).

Family Partition Room  (pool, garden view, mahub 2+2 / 3+1 in., magamistuba (lükanduksega), lastetoaosa, vann, rõdu või terrass, 50 m2)

Family Two bedrooms (garden, pool view, mahub 3+2 in., 2 magamistuba (uksega), elutuba, vann, rõdu või terrass, 57 m2)

Family Apartment (pool view, mahub  3+2 in., 2 magamistuba uksega, elutuba, köök, dušš, rõdu või terrass, 110-115 m2)


Krediitkaardi makse: Visa, MasterCard

Majutus lemmikloomaga: ei


  •  Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas:: tasuta
  •  pontoonsild: olemas (270 m)
  •  eriti tugevad veetõusud ja -langused
  •  liivane
  •  soovitatakse kasutada spetsiaalseid jalanõusid
  •  olemas korallid (1000 m)
  •  rätikud rannas:: tasuta


  •  päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  konverentsisaalid: 1 (kuni 200 inimesele,): 
  •  rannarätikud basseini ääres:: tasuta
  •  Wi-Fi fuajees, (mitte igal pool): 
  •  restoranid: 2 (6 a la carte; 1-): 
  •  baarid: 4
  •  sularahaautomaat
  •  pesula: 
  •  arst väljakutsel: 
  •  veeliumäed: 5 (soojendusega talvel)
  •  A la carte restoranid: 5
  •  keemiline puhastus: 
  •  takso tellimine
  •  basseinid: 6 (1 soojendusega talvehooajal)
  •  parkla: tasuta


  •  seif: toas ja vastuvõtus,: tasuta
  •  Internet: Wi-Fi, (mitte igal pool): 
  •  vann või dušš (Standard Room)
  •  konditsioneer: individuaalne
  •  põrand: plaat
  •  rõdu või terrass
  •  triikraud: päringu alusel, (vastuvõtus): tasuta
  •  telefon
  •  minibaar
  •  föön: toas,: tasuta
  •  TV: satelliit (kaabel-tv)
  •  tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  •  voodipesu vahetus: igapäevaselt
  •  toateenindus: ööpäevaringselt,: 


  •  mänguväljak
  •  miniklubi (4 kuni 12 a.)
  •  laste basseinid: 2
  •  veeliumäed: 6
  •  lastebassein: talveperioodil soojendusega

Meelelahutus ja sport

  •  massaaž: 
  •  piljard: 
  •  õhtune show
  •  tenniseväljaku valgustus: 
  •  tennise reketide ja pallide rent
  •  lauatennis: tasuta
  •  mullivann: 
  •  vesiaeroobika
  •  jõusaal: tasuta
  •  saun: 
  •  noolemäng
  •  türgi saun (hammam): 
  •  rannavõrkpall
  •  tenniseväljak
  •  aurusaun: 
  •  aeroobika
  •  sukeldumiskeskus: 
  •  veesport: 
  •  rannajalgpall: tasuta
  •  veepolo
  •  meelelahutusprogramm: tasuta

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  •  beebivoodi: päringu alusel,: tasuta
  •  lastetoolid restoranis päringu alusel




  •  Deluxe Pool Room
  •  Family Partition Room
  •  Family Room 2 Bedrooms
  •  Family Bunk Bed
  •  Standard
  •  Apartment
  •  Family Apartment

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Tähelepanu! Veini serveeritakse restoranis ainult õhtusöögi ajal.

Tähelepanu! “Kõik hinnas” 24/7 pakutakse fuajeebaaris öösel ainult karastusjooke.

Tähelepanu! Hotellis on kasutusele võetud kahe peamise restorani kasutamise süsteem: veekeskuse osas peatuvad külalised saavad saabumisel teatud värvi käevõru, mis võimaldab külastada pearestorani Ivory. Hotelli eesosas peatuvad külalised saavad sisseregistreerimisel erivärvi käevõru, mis võimaldab juurdepääsu pearestoranile Floret. Restoranid on menüü poolest identsed – selle süsteemi eesmärk on vältida järjekordi ühes restoranis.

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Chris Ross (WeeBugg)Chris Ross (WeeBugg)
20:56 11 Feb 24
So, here right now, on day 6 of a 7 day holiday. Never been to Sharm/Egypt before and never, until a few days ago realised what has happened over that last few years ...airport/ resort effectively closed for nearly 5 years due to a terrorist attack on a plane, the just as they reopen COVID hits.So with that in mind, here we go...The Regency resort is actually lovely, the grounds, the staff and the overall atmosphere is great (the staff especially)The food is average, nothing spectacular, and can't fault the quality, but variation and selection can be a bit limited in main buffet restaurant (no chips? if you have young kids who are a bit limited in their "diet" staple like "chips and nuggets/burgers" goes a long way). Burgers/hotdogs/shwarma and chips is available in the afternoon down in the beach/Sunrise Bar so they are there).Each night has a different food theme IE mexican, Caribbean ,oriental etc and a BBQ area out on terrace.Plenty salad options, and a theme each night so there's a decent selection if not too fussy. A decent dessert selection. Look for the 3 or 4 choices right on the end "behind" the pillar 😉.The grounds are lovely lovely for a wander, and loads of great photo opportunities. Well maintained, I have seen gardeners out every morning. Beach is lovely, if a bit windy. Get down early, the guys at the towel hut on beach will find you the best spot - ones closest to sea have solid windbreaks). Grab lunch at the beach bar....simple burgers and chips but it's great.Towels get a towel card per guest, so no need to bring pool/beach towels - the guys at the towel desks are great, not just there to give you a towel, but they walk to to you spot, set up towels and parasol etc. I get they ultimately are looking for a "tip" but the level of service is very noticeable.Bars (it's important to us all). Drink is local basics, but almost all the guys behind the bars are friendly and fun....they know your drink when you come back and try to make conversation with everyone.The "Sunset Bar" by the pool is easily the best. Look for Islam, charming, fun, seems to speak all languages and knows how to make all guests feel so welcome.The Terrace is where most of the evening entertainment takes place. There's a small bar, with a bigger one in main foyer. Out on the terrace, look for "young" Ali in the evening. Young, energetic, chatty, and so happy to get you drinks to skip any bar queues. Just beware, if he sees you at 10am he may try to get you started early.There is also the Sunrise beach bar during the day, and one right in the middle of the Aquapark.Rooms. Ok, like everyone has said before it's a little bit dated. Ours was good size, with a a super king bed, mattress harder than accustomed to, but comfier than I have ever had in a hotel.Mini-fridge there, but it's empty! At least you have a fridge and you get a couple of 1.5L bottles of water each day. Tea/coffee/sugar and a kettle, but NO milk.Aircon? Worked as it should for us and takes room down to 16°.We had a balcony overlooking the main pool area (north facing), but no sun...suppose thats to get you down to the pool.No plug sockets next to bed but still 5 available (2 pin euro adapter).Shampoo/showgel/soap supplied and shower is as expected and washes you.The down side (never been to Sharm before, so it may be a bit unfair)....Mosquitoes....go preparedA bit limited info in room re local attractions etcNo info on things like the hotels Spa/Gym in rooms, but that said when you ask at reception they are very helpful.Outside the hotel is hit and miss....lots of empty and abandoned hotel builds and waste ground. 10 minutes walk to south of hotel will start to find Hard Rock Cafe, McDonalds and shops etcNo tourist shops have ANY prices on goods, they will haggle but prepare to be ripped off. (The people in shops are all very nice, and usually inquisitive as to where you are from...remember many nationalities have avoided Sharm for years. They want to haggle - they are desperate for business, the
alan morrisalan morris
18:26 06 Feb 24
After reading a few negative reviews about this resort, prior to our arrival, I felt the need to write a review of my experience.From the welcome by the reception staff, to the taxi driver who dropped us off for our return flight, my wife and I had a great time, the staff were friendly and eager to help, the rooms were clean and tidy, cleaned daily, there was a good range of food, in a number of different restaurants, the gardens were manicured to perfection, leading down to the hotels own beach, all in all, a lovely wee find, and we will be going back.I'd like to give a special thanks to the chap behind the terrace bar, Ebrahim (sorry if I've spelt it wrong) , and Basam at the beach (I think).
17:07 28 Jan 24
If you diabetic avoid there is nothing diet, but seems the same elsewhere too.Rooms were dated. Hardest beds we ever encounter on our life's.There a few restaurants but food same as main one. All very repetitive ( good job we went away for 4 days while there otherwise would be able to cope with it).Wine and beer was most of times water down.Sometimes the beer tastes horrible. When asked was told was because it come from tap.If you book a restaurant wine it's extra.Which makes it not all inclusive.Tables not very clean.Entertainment was rubbish.Paid for new year's Gala. They missed the count down by two minutes.Main customers were Russian and Italians and east Europeans.Less then 10% Brits.Nice beachI would return due to food and drinks mainly.There is better out there.
Oleksiy TrelevskyyOleksiy Trelevskyy
16:47 21 Jan 24
Good service, the hotel is 100% worth the money. In the dining room there is always fish, seasonal fruits, and delicious meat dishes. Very short pier and sand without corals also pleased for children. The waiters in dining room are polite and attentive. Especially Wael and Essam.
Andrea CammareriAndrea Cammareri
17:01 26 Oct 23
This was me and my wife's first time in Sharm, we had a lovely relaxing time, and bring back home with us lots of fun memories. Especially thanks to Basem, the restaurant manager, very kind and compassionate person! He spent time with us and thought us local traditions and games, never failed to make us laugh! He took good care of us, and did his best to make us feel at home at the resort. We bring with us very special memories :)Regarding our accomodation, the room was very spacious, with a nice pool view and adequately clean, everything was very comfortable, we had a good time!The beach is perfect for leisurely relax, or just for fun, there is plenty of things to do. The downside, I have to say, here were too many workman that was pushy with sales. And the beach, the towels were too few and in the middle of the morning they were already finished and they gave us towels that were really too small.Food have so much space for improvement, but the variety of choice was good.In the reception area the guests focus, isn't really the strong suit. Some receptionists are also a little rude and seem stressed out most of the time.The double room, which we had booked with just one bed for two, was actually a room with two beds, that we had to push together ourselves.And definitely, we were unhappy to find out that, despite ours "All Inclusive" reservation, we had to pay extra separately for the WiFi.Overall we had a good stay, however there is definitely room for improvement.October is a perfect month for visit this this place, were we found very good weather and few people.
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