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Saphir Hotel & Villas 5*

Asukoht :
Asub 110 km kaugusel Antalya lennujaamast, 12 km kaugusel Alanya linnast, 500 m Konakli külast, mere ääres.

Hotell :

Ehitatud 1990. aastal, üldpindala 55 000 m2. Viimati renoveeritud 2019. aastal.

Hotell koosneb kahest omavahel ühendatud peamisest 6- ja 7-korruselisest hoonest ning viiest 3-korruselisest Villa hoonest.


  • UAI


Eco / Spar Standard Room (rõdu puudub, max 3 + 1 inim., 22 m2);

Hotel Standard ROH (max 3 + 1 inim., 22 m2);

Hotel Quality Standard Room (merevaade, mahub 3+1 in., 25 m2);


Villa (40 tuba merevaatega):

74 ühetoalist villa elite junıor (s.h. 4 tuba puuetega inimestele, max 3 inim., 25 м2);

52 ühetoalist villa standard deluxe (merevaade, max 3 + 1 inim., 28 м2);

51 kahetoalist villa family deluxe (2 uksega magamistuba, max 5 inim., 33 м2);

villa king suite (2 magamistuba, vaheuks, 2 vannituba, max 3 + 1 inim., 54 м2).

8 kahetoalist Villa senior deluxe (2 uksega magamistuba, max 4 inimest, 33 m2).


  • Villa King Suite
  • Villa Standard Deluxe Room
  • Hotel Sea View
  • Hotel Quality Standard Room
  • Villa Family Deluxe
  • Villa Senior Deluxe Room
  • Villa Elite Junior Room
  • Eco / Spar Standard Room
  • Hotel Standard ROH

Meelelahutus ja sport

  • piljard tasuline
  • veesport tasuline
  • türgi saun (hammam) tasuta
  • korvpall tasuta
  • mänguautomaadid tasuline
  • vesiaeroobika tasuta
  • tenniseväljaku valgustus tasuline
  • lauatennis tasuta
  • meelelahutusprogramm tasuta
  • noolemäng tasuta
  • tenniseväljak tasuta (tartaankattega)
  • massaaž tasuline
  • võrkpall tasuta
  • aurusaun tasuta
  • aeroobika tasuta
  • jõusaal tasuta
  • diskoteek tasuta (sissepääs)
  • elav muusika tasuta (kord nädalas)
  • rannavõrkpall tasuta
  • sukeldumiskursused tasuline
  • saun tasuta
  • jalgpalliväljak (20X50)
  • tennise reketide ja pallide rent tasuline


  • mänguväljak
  • miniklubi (4–10 a.)
  • laste basseinid: 2
  • lapsehoidja teenus: tasuline
  • kino


  • minibaar (saabumispäeval vesi tasuta)
  • dušš
  • voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  • konditsioneer: üld (Hotel); ind. konditsioneer (Villa)
  • telefon
  • föön: olemas
  • tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  • televiisor: olemas (kaabel-tv)
  • seif: toas, tasuline
  • rõdu
  • põrand: vaipkate (või põrandaplaat (Hotel); põrandaplaat või parkett (Villa)


  • arstikabinet
  • restoranid: 1 (pealmine, dieet-ja taimetoidud)
  • rannarätikud basseini ääres: tasuta
  • baarid: 6
  • basseinid: 2
  • taimetoidud
  • pesula tasuline
  • A la carte restoranid: 3 (ottomani, itaalia eelbroneerimisel – tasuline)
  • kauplused
  • dieettoidud
  • sisebasseinid: 1
  • päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres: tasuta
  • veeliumäed: 5 (2 pääsuga merre)
  • konverentsisaalid: 3 (100-400 inimesele)
  • spaa-keskus
  • Wi-Fi tasuta
  • juuksur
  • Internetikohvik tasuline


  • rätikud rannas: tasuta (vahetus 2 korda nädalas tasuta)
  • liiva-kiviklibune
  • oma
  • Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas: tasuta
  • kai

Imikud (8 kuud – 3 a.)

  • lapsevanker: tasuline
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Saphir Hotel & Villas
Based on 3557 reviews
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Ruslaan TanwarRuslaan Tanwar
04:24 11 Jun 24
I actually don't understand all the positive reviews. I booked the hotel based on the positive reviews. My mistake.Negative: The hotel's location is suitable except for the mega disco next door which is really annoying and too loud until 3-4 in the morning. Relax and calm? You can forget it here. Too many Russians, or Eastern Bloc tourists, the manners and arrogant nature are sickening. Very few German ones. The pool is filled with towels early in the morning even though only half of it is used. The music at the pool starts at 9-10 and is very loud and annoying to no end. Like being at Clup Beach. There are many families with children, kindergarten holidays at their finest are annoying for couples. The sea was so disgusting and dirty only garbage and a strange layer on the surface. People eat their hearts out and all they do is drink all the time.Positive:The food is good and varied, the shows are interesting and good. Staff is friendly and tries hard.Rooms ok so far.Conclusion: Didn't meet my expectations because of the dirty sea I'm very disappointed. Relaxation hardly possible, more like a party hotel with lots of children.
Arty PlayArty Play
16:02 10 Jun 24
Ingo PallmigIngo Pallmig
09:12 10 Jun 24
Aliona VisnioviiAliona Visniovii
09:53 27 Feb 24
11:51 19 Feb 24
Poor experience. Food is really bad, rooms are not great. Service terrible. I wouldn't recommend this hotel for anyone.
Jurka VJurka V
08:34 12 Feb 24
Yara GovorukhinaYara Govorukhina
03:30 20 Jan 24
İsmail Zorbazİsmail Zorbaz
04:58 16 Jan 24
06:43 02 Nov 23
Excellent location right on the beachfront. Very friendly staff, good facilities and good food. Good for families with kids. Garden is amazing and we'll maintained. Lovely cats on the territory))
07:10 15 Oct 23
Great experience. Good food with a lot of variaty. Friendly staff. Local cats & dogs are being looked after and are friendly. Lots of choice for entertainment on the beach. Accepts euro/lyra/dollar. City shops are just across the road.I feel like it lacks a little in entertainment. Usually no info about evening programme. Majority of people are lithuanians so even staff can talk a little bit in LT.
Paulius JaugelisPaulius Jaugelis
18:12 11 Oct 23
Nice hotel, with a lot of space.. always can get sun beds by the pool or by the sea.I liked the staff very much, easy to comunicate in english.Also Yasin one of the bartenders was amazing. Speaking multiple languages, even lithuanian. At his bar it is always fun, he interact with every customer, always full at the place he works. Great emploee with a great attitude to his work👌
Stelea AlexandruStelea Alexandru
14:09 20 Sep 23
I've seen better two star hotels.The good:- very good location! Right on the beach, easy access to the sea, immediately after the hotel's garden.- the personnel! very respectful (with few exceptions) and willing to help if they understood the requirement. i tried english, french, russian, romanian but it is not a guarantee that you will be understood. The reception desk lady's are the best! We've got an upgdade from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartments (thank you very much! but this was the receptionist call not the hotel's)- the pools and the beach - clean and well maintained. Very accessible and not overcrowded. The big minus was the sunbed, towel reservation system. Because i was with two kids and a visual impaired wife i had to wake up at 6 AM to reserve a sunbed with a bit of shadow when the kids would get up. Never done such a thing in my life - i needed to do this here.The bad...- The food was boring, bland and repetitive. I know that feeding hundreds three time a day is a challenge but you could reduce the number of dishes and focus on quality. The only available grilled meat was charred turkey and rotisserie chickens. The only thing i enjoyed were the salads (plenty and good quality) and cheeses (And a beef stew). The last two days we ate mostly from a McDonalds and a burger king nearby.- Drinks - awful. I'm not a drinker. My limit is a 0.33 (half pint) beer in the evening but i know my drinks... The beer was watery and tasteless. Poored in carton cups there was mostly foam. Tried to get a "sleeping" shot to ease the uneventful evening and got a tequilla...well if you ever tried medical spirt - that was it! I had to go to the market and to buy myself some better quality beer. Stayed for 7 days - got myself 7 beers and a bottle of jack.- entertainment - nonexistent. The hired DJ was a very bad joke. Someone please tell him that the 90's are over and no one listen to techno (unless you are a hipster from Berlin)! We even wanted to "escape" to the nearby hotel because their party sounded way better than ours (but we were caught and exiled back to Russia (our hotel))! They organized a full scale party with lights and a bar but the quality of the music and the quality of the drinks mare us just go to the room at 9.30 PM, like every other nights, and sit on our balcony waiting for the sleep to creep over.- slides - only open for few minutes... in 8 days never caught the yellow ones open!- SPA! Stay away... That guy Aziz will try to hassle you to buy their damn massages even if you would tell the you are not interested. Because of that guy i had to avoid that part of the hotel and the beach towels that were given there (we bought our own). Not even after getting massages to wife, MIL and two kids... I hate this kind of way to promote your business. The hairdresser as well. I am totally bald and felt harassed by him as well (do you want some dreads? no? why?)- a la carte restaurant was a joke. the same food as the buffet but served. a salad of chewy surimi and an overcook fish it is not a a la carte restaurant experience.Piece of advice - prepare yourself with small bills or euro coins. These will smooth your existence here. A coin here and there will insure your minibar to be full, your room to be clean, to be served etc... This is in the turkish culture to have your baksheesh ready.Overall a good experience, a bit boring but livable. Not the best hotel but not the worst. The beach and the pools saves a lot.
20:11 20 Jul 23
We had a big issue with our bathroom, leaking water from the sealing. The hotel just promised to do something about it but they didn’t even move their fingers. Really very big disappointment! We were satisfied with the food but the entertainment was very poor. It was chaotic and very amateurish. Services was slow and not very well organized. Most of the people working in this place were very polite and always were training to do their best. Our impression was that the management was quite poor. It’s sad when the guests are just a money makers for some people. After all I cannot recommend this hotel.
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