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Selene Beach & SPA 5* 16+


Asukoht :

105 km kaugusel Antalya lennujaamast, 22 km kaugusel Alanya linnast, 2 km Avsallari külast, 5 m kaugusel hotelli oma rannast.

Hotell :
2014.aastal ehitatud hotell. Üldpindala 7 000 m2.hotellikompleks koosneb ühest 6-korruselisest hoonest:199 standard rooms (2 numbrituba erivajadusega inimestele, max. 2 in., 30-33 m2); 3 corner suite (max. 3 in., 42 m2);L suite (max. 3 in., 42 m2);Swim up (max. 2 in., 21 m2).


  • Standard Land View
  • Standard Sea View
  • Swim Up
  • Corner Suite


  • UAI


  • konditsioneer: üld
  • vene kanalid: 1
  • föön: olemas
  • voodipesu vahetus: 2 korda nädalas
  • rõdu
  • tubade koristamine: 3 korda nädalas
  • televiisor: olemas
  • dušš
  • põrand: laminaat
  • seif: toas, tasuta
  • minibaar
  • telefon
  • Internet: Wi-Fi, tasuta


  • rannarätikud basseini ääres: tasuta
  • A la carte restoranid: 1
  • restoranid: 1
  • basseinid: 2
  • spaa-keskus
  • baarid: 3
  • päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid basseini ääres: tasuta
  • pesula tasuline
  • Wi-Fi tasuta


  • liiva-kiviklibune
  • rätikud rannas: tasuta
  • päikesevarjud ja lamamistoolid rannas: tasuta
  • rannabaar: tasuta
  • oma

Meelelahutus ja sport

  • massaaž tasuline
  • saun tasuline
  • jõusaal tasuta
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Selene Beach & SPA Hotel
Based on 2103 reviews
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Samal TassymovaSamal Tassymova
13:08 17 May 24
We came at Selene already 5th times. So today our 6th time. We got our room so fast, after lunch. Our room on 3rd floor, amazing view on land. Room is 10 from 10. Very modern and beautiful. Cleaning is wonderful they do it very carefully. At mini bar we have juices, Coke, Fanta, water. Safe also for free. Room is cozy, very comfortable balcony. Also in our room we have bathrobes and slippers!Pool area is fantastic! Very very clean! Atmosphere is relaxing! Waiters are very polite and kind.I feel at this hotel like my second home!!!Snack Bar cool, I like salad Ceasar here and pizza.Patisserie is brilliant! We came here only because of this Patisserie!)) Coffee espresso machismo wonderful.Food at main restaurant super- fish, meat, beef, turkey, many vegetables and fruits! Interior is cozy, feel like you are in real class restaurant!Stuff is very friendly, from reception to waiters. Big thank to lovely guest relation!Most of guests are from European countries.Animation is good and funny, we like to dance and listen life music.We celebrated New Year here in 2023. Party was amazing! We were with our friends.Thank you to our best hotel Selene Beach, we feel like we are home here! Definitely recommend! We will come 7th time!!!!!! See you soon 😊
Virginijus RašimasVirginijus Rašimas
12:01 17 May 24
Karina PanasevičKarina Panasevič
07:19 17 May 24
We came on Sunday morning, with my grandmother. We got our room very fast, we didn’t wait. Our room is on 4th floor, we have land view. In general, our room is modern and beautiful. Beds are comfortable. Mini bar is for free, they put water and other drinks inside. Also, we use safe.Cleaning is good, very nice cleaning ladies. They came every day, but we say we don’t need clean every day. Very hardworking stuff.Hotel has got a patisserie, I enjoyed ice-coffee here. There are lots of ice cream and coffee choices.Main restaurant is good. There are lots of verities of food every day. We ate beef, chicken, turkey - delicious! There are lots of fruits (grapefruit, watermelon, oranges are yummy), vegetables.Also hotel has got Snack Bar with different food.Yesterday we visited Ala Carte restaurant with amazing view on the sea - there are lots of food, they bring. Waiters are nice here.Drinks are nice - we drank wine, champagne, cocktails, tea and coffee.Pool area is beautiful and comfortable.Hotel has got a gym - very big, there are lots of train machines.Animation is soft and interesting!In general our holiday is relaxing and wonderful! Thank you for this time!
Andrew BriggsAndrew Briggs
17:46 26 Oct 23
11 days in late October - been to Turkey before at 3-Start hotel.Hotel is nice and clean and quite spacious...the staff are always cleaning and most are quite friendly.Meal times are hit and miss...the food is repetitive with some small changes which is okay if you like that. One night kebab meats were served but no suitable bread. Other reviews written at the same time as our stay talk about things that were being served but I can say, we never saw that.When you go into the restaurant you find a table and IF you are lucky, you will be offered a drink...other times it's pretty much go the bar yourself. If you do get a 1st drink and finish, they won't offer you a 2nd unless you catch their attention...good luck.The snack bar we used in the afternoon serving pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, salads which was all very nice. The service of the waiters there though is appalling, and I had to complain a few times - one day we'd been there half an hour and only just ordered food. Only part of it turned up and we had to keep getting our own drinks. If you were favourable to the eye then you were waited on. The same area served drinks in the evening and that was the same...some got served and others had to join the bar que.The Patisserie is a nice idea and some nice-looking pastries and cakes which could be a key good point for the hotel however, considering there are usually 4 or 5 members of staff in there, the speed at which you get served is slower than snail pace and they really just don’t have any clue or want to know what they are doing. We found that it just took way too long and didn’t bother with the hassle much in the end. The staff at these areas are young and just prefer to mess about on their phones or with each other – sometimes managers would tell them off in front of guests for not doing something right which I thought was very unprofessional, but never said anything if they saw people with empty glasses or in need of table service. There were some good waiters and you did find you could trust them but everyone else also found that and they would also try to be in their area. It’s a shame because the ideas are nice but the staff let it down.Round by the pool there are lots of sunbeds and it’s all cleaned and laid out however be aware the good beds do need to be reserved by 7am otherwise you will lose sun by late afternoon. Sunbed reserving was a massive thing and not stopped by the hotel staff.At the beach - this is where we spent most of our time. The setting is nice and the water is peaceful however it’s way too overcrowded and sunbed reserving is a must. Some individual came down with 8 towels at 7am and would reserve 2 full rows of beds and tables and not turn up until 10am. She wasn’t the only one by far! Sometimes people didn’t ever turn up! This meant everyone was crushed into a ridiculously small beach. The beach itself needs a good clean as there are millions of cigarette buts, just raked into the sand so not a pleasant feeling having them between your toes. If you are booking due to being adults only you do get lots of kids on the beach so it’s not peaceful down - if you don’t mind that then it’s ok.There is one team I do want to mention - entertainment team – a majority of you do a good job and I could see that in the results however you have a small guy in your team that I frankly found to be a creepy person only really taking/going off with attractive young women and ignored the rest. If I spotted this then so do others and that doesn’t give off good vibes.In summary – nice clean hotel with a broad selection of facilities that matched my previous 3-star stay and good be much better however, the general service of the staff in particular to the snack bar and Patisserie brough the rating to a lower standard of the hotel before. With some work this hotel good sort these niggles out but that depends if they want to be bothered. Unfortunately I wouldn’t want to stay here again.
Ersin BactisaErsin Bactisa
15:14 15 Oct 23
Had a great 6 night holiday with my family. Everything was amazing! Awesome architecture and design, with beautiful outdoor spaces, surrounded by plants. Entertainment shows were really great, with the emphasis on live music bands. Food and cakes were very very good, with great variety. Everybody on the staff was very friendly and caring. Wifi had the best signal I've had in comparison to any other similar hotel. It was working very well inside and outside of the hotel.
Georgi TsanevGeorgi Tsanev
10:35 29 Sep 23
The overall experience was great. The hotel was very clean (despite cats walking and sleeping everywhere), the common areas, toilets, rooms, pool area - everything was spotless and smelled nice. There was a great food variety in the restaurant, always fresh and tasty. The only thing I didn't like was the beach - too small and crowded and the water wasn't clear. I would've like more variety in the evening anmation programs - maybe move the dance shows in the evening instead. Those poor artists dancing in 33 degress in the afternoon by the pool - absolutely unacceptable!
Argita PemaArgita Pema
15:55 17 Sep 23
I recently stayed at Selene Beach and Hotel, and overall, I had a fantastic experience. The only drawback during my stay was the unfortunate behavior of some fellow tourists who threw beers into the pool, which was both unpleasant and disrespectful to the environment.However, everything else about my stay was excellent. The staff at Selene Beach and Hotel were incredibly friendly and accommodating, making me feel welcome throughout my visit. I must highlight the exceptional yoga teacher and aerobics instructor, who added an extra layer of enjoyment to my stay with their expertise and enthusiasm.The hotel's amenities and services were top-notch, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the property. Despite the incident in the pool, the positive aspects of my stay far outweighed the negative, and I would consider returning to Selene Beach and Hotel in the future.
17:14 19 Jun 23
I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone! Entertainment program was wonderful. Loads of things happening during the day and something different every evening (Turkish night, Seaside parties, live music). I would like to say thank you to Elvira - a lovely lady from animation team. She was always checking on us, making sure we are enjoying our holiday! Reception staff and waiters were very professional and always welcoming. Hotel was very clean and well managed. We loved afternoon waffles and ice cream! Pool was wonderful as well - big enough and always clean. Cocktails were tasty and strong. The only one thing which can be improved is vegetarian options in buffet restaurant and there is none in a la carte. Apart of that we will definitely be back some time!
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