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Sorgun Akadia Hotel Luxury 5* 16+

Asub Side iidse linna lähedal - see on Rooma järel teine ​​linn tähtsate ajaloolisteidamaiste vaatamisväärsuste arvu poolest, ökoloogiliselt puhtas kohas. Seda ümbritsevad meri, männimets, jõgi, järv ja põllud. Bussipeatus asub kohe hotelli ees ja 15 minutiga jõuate juba mainitud iidsesse Side linna või Manavgati kesklinna. Igaüks hotelli külaline on VIP -külaline.
Ainult täiskasvanutele. Hotell on aktiivsetele inimestele. Korraldatakse pidusid.

Teave hotelli struktuuri kohta:

Ehitatud 2019

Kogupindala 13000m2

Hotell koosneb ühest 9-korruselisest peamajast (olemas lift).


Kaugus lähimast lennujaamast 65 km

Kaugus lähimast kesklinnast 7 km

Kaugus lähima linnani 4 km

Kaugus rannast 550 m

Kaugus lähimast ostukeskusest 4 km

Toitlustus Ultra kõik hinnas

Restoranid: 4 (A la carte restoranid: 2)
Baarid: 6

Hommikusöök Main Restaurant 07:00 – 10:00 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Hiline hommikusöök Main Restaurant 10:00 – 10:30 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Lõunasöök Main Restaurant 12:30 – 14:30 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Suupistete teenus BISTRO BAR 08:00 – 00:00 Fikseeritud menüü Ultra All Inclusive
Suupistete teenus BEACH BAR AND RESTAURANT 10:00 – 17:00 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Suupistete teenus PATISSERIE 10:00 – 19:00 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Õhtusöök Main Restaurant 19:00 – 21:00 Rootsi laud Ultra All Inclusive
Õhtueine BISTRO BAR 00:00 – 07:00 Fikseeritud menüü Ultra All Inclusive


A la carte restoranid
SOUTH ANADOLU 19:00 – 21:00 Jah Local Kord viibimise jooksul Ultra All Inclusive
BLACK SEE 19:00 – 21:00 Jah Local Kord viibimise jooksul Ultra All Inclusive
LOBBY WUNDER BAR 10:00 – 00:00 Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive
LOBBY TERRACE BAR 10:00 – 00:00 Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive
BEACH BAR 10:00 – 18:00 Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive
POOL BAR 10:00 – 18:00 Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive
BISTRO BAR 24 tundi Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive
DISCO – KARAOKE BAR 23:00 – 02:00 Kohalik, Impordi, Mittealkohoolsed joogid Tasuta Ultra All Inclusive

  • Toa suurus (m2): 32 – 40
  • Maksimaalne inimeste arv: 3
  • Maksimaalselt täiskasvanu: 3
  • Maksimaalselt laps: 0
  • Korruste arvud: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Magamistubade arv: 1 magamistuba
  • Rõdu või terrass: Rõdu
  • Rõdude arv: 1
  • Wcde arv: 1
  • Vannitubade arv: 1
  • Vaade:Merevaade

  • Toa suurus (m2): 32 – 40
  • Maksimaalne inimeste arv: 3
  • Maksimaalselt täiskasvanu: 3
  • Maksimaalselt laps: 0
  • Korruste arvud: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Magamistubade arv: 1 magamistuba
  • Rõdu või terrass: Rõdu
  • Rõdude arv: 1
  • Wcde arv: 1
  • Vannitubade arv: 1
  • Vaade:Aia vaade,Järvevaade,Jõevaade

  • Toa suurus (m2): 32 – 40
  • Maksimaalne inimeste arv: 2
  • Maksimaalselt täiskasvanu: 2
  • Maksimaalselt laps: 0
  • Korruste arvud: 1
  • Magamistubade arv: 1 magamistuba
  • Rõdu või terrass: Rõdu
  • Rõdude arv: 1
  • Wcde arv: 1
  • Vannitubade arv: 1
  • Vaade:Merevaade

  • Toa suurus (m2): 48 – 50
  • Maksimaalne inimeste arv: 4
  • Maksimaalselt täiskasvanu: 4
  • Maksimaalselt laps: 0
  • Korruste arvud: 1,2,3,4,5
  • Magamistubade arv: 2 magamistuba
  • Rõdu või terrass: Rõdu
  • Rõdude arv: 2
  • Wcde arv: 2
  • Vannitubade arv: 2
  • Vaade:Väinavaade,Sadamavaade,Laguunivaade,Mäevaade


Ranna tüüp: erarand
Kalda tüüp: liiva-kiviklibune
Lamamistoolid: tasuta
Rannarätikud: tasuta
Madratsid: tasuta
Päikesevarjud: tasuta
Buss randa
Rannabussi sõiduplaan: vastavalt tunniplaanile
Baar rannas

Ilu ja ravi

Massaaž: tasuline
Leiliruum: tasuta
Saun: tasuta
Hammam: tasuline
Spaahooldused: tasuline

Meelelahutus ja sport

Vesiaeroobika: tasuta
Aeroobika: tasuta
Meelelahutuse programmid: tasuta
Boccia: tasuta
Õhtused programmid / näitused: tasuta
Veesport: tasuline
Võrkpalliväljak rannas: tasuta
Noolemäng: tasuta
Päevased spordi- ja meelelahutusprogrammid: tasuta
Disko: tasuta
Jooga: tasuta
Lauatennis: tasuta
Jõusaal: tasuta
Elav muusika: tasuta


Avatud bassein
Lamamistoolid: tasuta
Rätikud: tasuta
Madratsid: tasuta
Päikesevarjud: tasuta
Wi-Fi: tasuta
Arst: tasuline (ette helistamise korral)
Pesumaja: tasuline
Keemiline puhastus: tasuline
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I wrote an honest review on the Tripadvisor website: The hotel itself and its surrounding area, the hotel rooms correspond to the description on its website. Overall very cozy. You need to get to the sea either on foot for 20 minutes or by shuttle from the hotel. Cleaning the area, room, beach leaves only unpleasant memories. You can see all these moments in the attached photos and videos. But this is not the most unpleasant thing that can happen to you in this hotel! ATTENTION! Dear future tourists, I just want to warn you about the rude attitude of the hotel staff! And I advise you to film everything before checking into your room! We arrived, our TV did not work, we informed the reception, and they demanded 250 dollars from us for the entire 10 days of our stay, allegedly we broke the TV, although we did not do this and immediately reported to the reception about the problem in the room. BUT, this is not the worst thing!!! For all 10 days, the hotel staff closed our room, blocked and limited access there, extorting $250. On the last day of our stay, May 3, 2024, the hotel called the gendarmes, who wanted to take us in and told us that we could not leave the country until this situation was resolved!!! We were helped by a lawyer provided by the insurance company and the Russian Embassy in Turkey, and we returned safely to our homeland. Advice for everyone: be sure to write down the telephone numbers of the local police, insurance and the Russian embassy. In any case, if it is not your fault and you are being tyrannized at the hotel, call them immediately. And the result of the review: this is not a luxury hotel, but a luxury hotel!!! They cheat for money. And our case at the time of our stay there was not the only one. In the photo attached there is a hotel manager, smiling, doing everything possible to harm you. The TV situation is thanks to her. When I started communicating with her through a video camera, and my friends were with me, and 7 of us arrived there, she said that our card was demagnetized. Good luck to everyone and have a good rest. I definitely do not recommend this hotel to anyone!!!
20:06 01 May 24
Noisiest place on earth!
00:07 27 Apr 24
We came to the hotel 2 months ago with my wife for our honeymoon.While looking at the hotel's features, we saw that it was in a beautiful location by the sea with plenty of activities, so we called and got information about the hotel in advance. However, when we arrived at the hotel, unfortunately, the situation was not as we expected, especially since there was no shuttle bus beyond the airport. We learned that you sent a vehicle after paying 1000 TL per person. But at best, it was cheaper to take a taxi.Tell me, I will write down the pros and cons.*The hotel has nothing to do with the sea, it is located in a field*At 00:00 at night, all the lights of the hotel turn off and there is silence.*There is almost zero organization.*There are 3 pools, the part with slides is open for 1 hour a day in the morning, the water was yellowish in color and there were insects in it (it was called a children's pool).*Hotel information states that it is a +16 adult hotel, mostly for honeymoon couples. However, 99.8% of the hotel is filled with Russian guests. We were a Turkish guest.*As for the entertainment part, only Russian 90's songs were playing. We sang it upon request, but Turkish songs were forbidden in the hotel.* The hotel offers military-style breakfast, which means that a person who wakes up at noon can only eat cold hamburgers and mini pizzas with vegetables.*There is no problem with alcohol, but everywhere, including the elevators, smells of alcohol, even the pool smells of alcohol.*I put an empty plate to show that there was no room cleaning, we left cookies in it and it got moldy. The people who came to clean it haven't even taken it off the shelf for 5 nights. There were insects in the room.*The bed covers were not changed, the person who came only folded the bedspreads and left them behind.* Liquid was spilled on the floor. The cleaner who came before said that it was there in the past and left the room without throwing a wet mop. My wife wiped the floor herself with a cloth. And because my wife is meticulous, she cleans the balcony with soap every day.*I got sick at the hotel and needed urgent intervention. We requested an ambulance from the reception. He said we could call an ambulance from the contracted hospital, but it was expensive. They said pay 150€ (5200TL) and the ambulance will come. This was even though we were Turkish citizens. When I said I had private insurance, they said money first and then service.*I had an attack again at night, but the health department was closed for an emergency and there was no doctor. I thought maybe if you died, they would dig a hole in the back field of the hotel.* Our honeymoon with my wife was a complete disgrace. We did not get what we paid for.* The snack bar is narrow, when we went down for a snack the birds had started eating before us. I think that's why my wife had allergic reactions on her face.*When it is 12 at night, as you can see in the picture, all the lights are off, that is to sayThere is no activity in the hotel, animation is in the room for 1 hour, always Russian, karaoke,..It turns out that we came from Antalya/Manavgat, Türkiye, but we didn't know that we came to Moscow, Russia...
13:34 26 Apr 24
Hikmet K.Hikmet K.
15:56 15 Apr 24
Sefa ÇetinerSefa Çetiner
07:34 12 Feb 24
Николай ВНиколай В
22:58 05 Feb 24
Vacationed with my wife in 2023.Terrible place, dirty, disgusting attitude towards guests.Bottles, glasses and cigarette butts in the pool that are not removed during the day, the service staff simply walks by (the elevators are vomited, they are not cleaned even after a complaint). Cleaning is not done every day, the bed is not changed, and if it is changed, it is stained. We met the *general manager*, as he introduced himself, who told us that this is the case everywhere in Turkey and even laughed at our claims (we were in more than one hotel of different levels and have something to compare with). There was no such thing anywhere! Like a youthful, cheerful hotel, where parties are only outside and paid, and those that take place in the hotel are just a shame and disgrace, made by local under-animators. In 2 weeks there were 2 shows: 1 they did, but it was a shame for us with a fire show that was funny to the point of pain in the stomach, a la performances by fifth-graders, but the second, it should be noted, was cool and with visiting artists - live Cuban music. We do not recommend this hotel for a holiday!!P.S.If you're at their party, keep your drink to yourself - the local MC walks around and drinks other people's cocktails right from the tables under the noses of the guests!!!
Sergey TumashevSergey Tumashev
01:56 02 Feb 24
Cool hotel
Max MustiMax Musti
17:06 18 Dec 23
Music is just too loud but after 1:30 it gets quieter. Rooms were assigned incorrectly, almost two hours of waiting time and discussions at reception.
Melis ayMelis ay
20:27 09 Dec 23
Stephanie MatsevitchStephanie Matsevitch
12:42 21 Oct 23
All in one a good hotel, with possibility of improvement.We wanted to make a girls vacation without children in the hotel and some party therefore we have decided for the Sorgun. We would rather classify the hotel as a couples hotel. Despite everything, you can find people to chat with.Getting alcohol seemed difficult in the evening. One bar that is open and not much choice there.The staff is mostly quite friendly. All the entertainers who worked during the season tried to create a good atmosphere and were always nice to the guests and talked to everyone.Every evening there is an animation at the pool, whether it is bingo, karaoke, dance show or just party. There is also the possibility to go to the disco in the city with the animators.On the whole a good hotel.The location is good. Right in front of the hotel you can take the bus to side or Manavgat which is good.
Ellyie EmEllyie Em
15:37 14 Oct 23
At first I was excited because the place looks very beautiful, but the only good things there are the view of the resort and the behavior of the cleaners.If you are not Russian, you should bear in mind that you will not feel welcome, the songs are only in Russian, you are lucky if you will hear two songs in other languages, even if you are a tourist from other countries, the staff does not know two words of English, only Turkish or Russian Show will be in Russian you will not understand what is going on at all .On the third day of the holiday, there were also nationalist songs against the state of Kosovo, even though there were tourists from Kosovo.I did not feel welcome even for a moment of my stay there!
Terrance CaffieTerrance Caffie
15:31 14 Oct 23
Honest review, the first 2-3 days after staying a week was pretty good, but then everything got sort of repetitive. The bar staff and Turkish workers were awesome for the most part, but I felt like most of them catered to the Russian people only that stayed there. My fiancé and I should have paid closer attention to the reviews, it’s mainly a resort catered to the Russians which wasn’t too much a problem but many of them have negative stares and would literally talk bad about you to your face. Since I’m an American one of the workers came to me and said that manager wanted to send a bottle of champagne and fruit basket to our room which we never received and I wasn’t surprised at all. The party would end at night but a lot of the stayers would party and play loud music even heard screaming and yelling the first two days. Long story short DO NOT stay there if you’re not Russian! We literally had to make the most of the week while we were there.
Acka AciiAcka Acii
20:37 01 Oct 23
The hotel overall is for 4 * .Food gets boring because there is no variety after 3 days .Horrible entertainment only music for Russians , the party is till 00:00 and the pool bar closes then which is stupid .Not much variety of cocktails too.The wellness spa is great the guy there speaks English and it's very friendly .The staff doesn't speak English which is annoying you can't really understand eachother.Overall it's good experience for one time there !
Genti MersiniGenti Mersini
11:21 07 Sep 23
Hotel is okay, food is okay too, occupied with russians also the shows/parties all in russian, service of the hotel is good in terms of drinks and so on hardworking people but no english people, and the healthcare of the hotel is 0. I'm having an allergic rush, I do have insurance and they still insist to call my insurance company which doesn't have offices in Turkey. I need the help asap and they dont care. They try to take extra money for the healthcare service because they are related to private hospital and insist with force you go there to that hospital. It's good that my insurance company send us a car now from an other hospital and hopefully will get treatment soon
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